<USS Banshee> "Just Before Sleep Comes."

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"Just Before Sleep Comes." 
By: Lt. Commander Sara Kaelyre 
The only sounds in the room were the sound of shallow rhythmic breathing,  
the kind that comes with a deep and peaceful sleep, and the soft whistle of a  
winter wind blowing through the trees that surrounded the holographic  
replication of Sara’s Aunt Beverly’s Aspen condo. There was one other sound 
but  only 
Sara could hear it. As she lie in the large plush bed entangled in it’s  soft 
white sheets and her sleeping wife‘s arms, both of them bathed in the  silver 
moon light streaming from the skylight, her head resting perfectly on  Cyanah’
s chest, Sara listened to the beating of her Imzadi’s heart. It was  strong 
and steady and it amazed Sara at how it seemed to beat in sync with her  own. 
She lied there listening to Cyanah’s heart beat and her soft breathing and  
watched out the large picture window as the holographic snow danced in the cold 
 Colorado winds and thanked whatever deity might be listening, be they Human, 
 Betazoid, or Delosian, that Cyanah had come to her office with her ‘It’s  
us-time. No working tonight.’ edict. Sara hadn’t realized how utterly 
exhausted  she was mentally and physically until she had settled in next to 
Cyanah in 
the  hot tub. Nor had she realized just how much she’d missed Cyanah and 
spending  time with her until she was wrapped in her wife’s arms while they 
sat on 
the  couch watching the fire crackle and pop in the fire place. Sara was 
starting to  feel better then she had felt in weeks. She felt relaxed and at 
and even  though her body cried out for sleep it still felt warm and tingled 
from the  night’s activities. 
It still surprised Sara that someone could know her and love her so  
completely that she knew just when Sara was about to break and could pull her  
from the edge. As Sara stared out the window at the mountains and the  swirling 
snow she knew deep down that that edge was still there. She knew that  the 
night she was spending with her lover locked away privately on the holodeck  
wouldn’t last forever and that if she wanted to prevent the image of herself 
her dreams she’d have to get back to work and she’d have to stand right on 
that  edge again. 

But for now Sara had promised herself she wouldn’t  think about work, about 
the half completed compound that sat in her lab unless  without more work, or 
about the old woman who haunted her dreams, ideas, and  thoughts. For a brief 
moment Sara did allow herself to think about the dream  that had started this, 
only this time her thoughts were about the positive  aspects of it not the 
ones she saw as negative. She thought about the life  they’d had in her 
the way they were, and their careers, their home, and  their family. A slow 
smile stretched across Sara’s face as she wondered how  Cyanah would react if 
told her about the dream. 
Would Cyanah laugh at how in her dream of their future fifty some years  down 
the road, Sara still hated waking up in the mornings and still tried to  fend 
of the day by hiding under the covers? Would she laugh at the idea of  
herself being a big wig at Daystorm, or at their double sided boxed pips? Would 
think it funny that fifty years from now she’d still be trying to get Sara  
to cut down on her coffee intake? What would she think about them having four  
children, all girls, and the names that Sara had dreamt about? Would she think 
 it was funny that Sara’s dating advice to their daughters was not to date 
anyone  named Asper?
Sara’s mind quickly filled with wonderful questions about what their future  
would be like for real. How many children would they have? Would they really  
settle on Earth or could Betazed or Delos be a possibility? Would they settle 
on  a planet at all? Science ships needed captains and so would the new fleet 
of  medical ships Star Fleet was planning. The possibilities were endless and 
that  thought made Sara smile brightly. She hadn’t felt the warmth and 
excitement of  the unknown that lay ahead of them since they returned from 
since she had  became so focused on the single aspect of her dream that scared 
‘It’ll all be worth it when we’re watching our family grow by generations 
together.’ Sara told herself as she felt herself falling into those 
moments of awareness that came just before sleep took over. Sara closed her 
eyes  and listened to Cyanah’s heart beat and tightened her hold around 
s  waist. She smiled and the last thing she thought about before falling 
completely  asleep was how much she was in love and how happy she was right 
and there  and about how she wanted more of these moments. 
Without knowing it her resolve to complete the treatment that would alter  
her physical being right down to her DNA was renewed.  

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