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Healing Tears
by Telsia Ehling

Telsia stayed locked in her office for quite a while after Andros left.  She 
had finally finished crying and gotten herself back to being presentable but 
was now starting to feel foolish.  Tel was pretty certain the nurses and 
patients would have been able to hear her inside her office and now she dreaded 
going back out there.

Getting up her courage, she walked out of her office, seemingly calm and 
confident while on the inside she was still beating herself up for having let 
her emotions get the better of her.  Tel now knew how much she had been letting 
her feelings effect her job and was feeling a bit ashamed because of it.   She 
figured she would probably have to go apologize, first to Sarah, then to Andros 
because if he was able to notice that something was wrong then she really was 
doing a bad job at putting aside her life for work.

Sighing, she went up to one of the nurses and told her that she would be in her 
quarters and that if sickbay needed her to call immediately.  With saying that, 
Tel left medical and immediately went to get Cameron from his babysitter.  
Right then, all Telsia felt like doing was holding her son and if he was going 
to protest, then she just wanted to be able to spend time with him, Cameron 
always made her feel better about everything.

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