<USS Banshee> Cold, Hard Facts

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 00:24:32 EDT

Darkness.  Engulfing, suffocating darkness.  Making it hard to breathe, 
difficult to think.  Coldness.  Body numbing, mind paralyzing coldness.  
Unable to move, her skin violently trembling in an effort to warm the woman 
it protected.  Her heartbeat seemed to pound in her ears, drumming 
insistently.  Forcing her to return to the world.

Brilliant light stabbed through her eyelids as they fluttered open and the 
closed again in rebellion.  She rolled out of her fetal position, feeling the 
frigid surface of the floor against her bare skin.  Eyes closed, she hauled 
her torso upwards and forward as she bent her legs at the knees and folded 
herself knifelike.

Footsteps.  Louder than her heartbeat.  She could feel the air around her 
move.  Someone was nearby.  She didn't look up, but simply concentrated on 
making herself breathe, making her mind focus.  Think , Rhi, think.  She was 
practically begging herself.  You were on the Cardassian ship and then 
beamout and then... Her mind drew a blank.  She knew she no longer wore her 
uniform.  Her toes curled inwards as if seeking warmth.

She sensed the presence of a few.  Her muscles tensed with a catlike 
fluidity, coiled springs about to release.  Taking a deep breath, she finally 
raised her head to look at those who had joined her.  A disdainful smile 
flirted with her lips as she took in the toothy grin of an overlobed ferengi. 
 No, not just one... but three.  The familiar uniforms of the Obsedian order 
greeting her pale gaze as she spied the armed Cardassians in the room.  A 
deep seated fury warmed her blood at the sight of the two Jem Hadar who stood 

The figure that made her pause, made her breath leave her body was the one 
who stood a few feet from her.  Her eyes traveled up the slender legs, the 
perfectly formed almost cookie cutter torso and stopped at the face.  The 
ridges, the eyes so intense that they could only be genetically engineered, 
the mocking smile, the pathetic superior attitude of one who is bred to only 
serve.  A Vorta.

That only meant the evil influence of one thing....

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