<USS Banshee> Cleaning Up

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Cleaning Up 
By, Oridian Starfire 

    Deep within decks 5 and 6 shouts and rants could be heard from within the 
realm of engineering. Main engineering was up to its usual bustle, though it 
was obvious that new management was coming under control, even though the ship 
had just gone through some serious fighting. 

    “Jeremy, Wallace, get that cable fixed, we don’t need anymore random 
gases coming in here! Lindsey, see if we can’t reroute the flux patterns 
until we fix that leak!” Oridian shouted as fought his way through the newly 
appearing smoke. Wallace, who seemed to have enjoyed leaning on the now loose 
tube, moved to help Jeremy as Lindsey went to a console to try to patch the 
leak. Within a few moments, and ironically just as Oridian got across to the 
warp core, the gas stopped coming from the tube and the team managed to put the 
tube back in its proper place. “Now Wallace, maybe this will teach us not to 
lean on things that we shouldn’t lean on. See if you cant seal it completely 
so it wont come off anymore. George, how are those power rods coming?” 

Oridian mounted the ladder as he went up to the second level of engineering and 
went over to George. As Oridian reached him he was confronted by several 
engineers gathered over a console, with George underneath it with a toolbox 
next to him. “Chief its been hella pain fixin’ that blighter. The system 
took quite a beating, considering I’ve spent most of my time fixin’ the 
damn console so that it works.” 

    Oridian surveyed the console, which of course had several black marks from 
when it blew out against the Romulans. “Well hop out of there and I’ll see 
what I can do, while you all are just standing there one of folks check in with 
the Fightercraft Manufacture and Repair Center, see how they are coming.” 
Laying on his back Oridian squirmed into the console slot and took a look at 
it. The mess of cabling and wiring had been moved out of the way to an empty 
space, seeming to where the power rods needed to be placed. Adjusting the power 
inhibiter Oridian moved in and got to work. “Well there’s the problem 
George, you forgot to reroute the safety mechanism, surprised you didn’t get 
yourself shocked a few times… ah there.” Oridian smiled as he heard the 
familiar hum of the console coming to life as he placed the last power rod into 
its slot. 

    As Oridian crawled out of the console a young engineer came over to him. 
“Chief, the boys down at the repair center say that most of the fighters that 
came back had only minor damages, those that came back of course. A few needed 
some serious repairs, but nothing out of control. They expect to be ready to 
launch within a few days.” Oridian shook, few days wasn’t going to cut it. 
“Well go back and tell them were gonna be on a search and rescue mission here 
coming up so we need those operational in 24 hours, not the dozen remade and 
everything, but at least the standard 8.” The engineer nodded and headed out. 

    Oridian walked over to the railing and looked over main engineering. Boy, 
this was a mess to come into, especially considering how the fight just had 
broken out. However, no rest for the weary, and with a sigh Oridian turned and 
headed over towards the shield stabilizers. 

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