<USS Banshee> Banshee Chatlog 2/12

  • From: Victor Andros <victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 20:58:29 -0800 (PST)


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You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
Coun Fiona OShea: If she makes a run for it aim for the boots.. ::winks and then walks in::
Ensign Hawke: ::gets a glass of milk and an apple, and eats 2 more goldfish::
ElRiov trIdrys: :::remembers 3rd drawer is labeled O - Z:::
Coun Fiona OShea: Admiral!
CMICHdave: ::follows Fi into the lounge::
: ::takes a bite of her cinnamon roll, and spies Fiona and Dave walk in::
Ensign Hawke
: It's a regular party in here
AdmiralGem: (m) Uh oh.
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::walks towards her:: We need to talk, Admrial..
Coun Fiona OShea: ::gets closer:: About the transpoters..
Lt Rob Garner: {It's an abbreviation for Oooze, Haro. :-D}
: ::points at the waiter, giving a mental order for the usual::
: Who wants a snack? I do! ::gets up and goes out to the lounge with her crime scene tape sash on::
: ::swallows the cinnamon roll:: Needs more sauce....
Ensign Hawke
: ::bites into apple::
ElRiov trIdrys: ( tell that to L Frank Baum, Rob ;-) )
Coun Fiona OShea: Ma'am, you can not have the transporters removed
LtAuroraYophton: ::enters humming the new Special Forces Unit theme song and goes to get a cookie::
Ensign Hawke
: Hi Doc!
AdmiralGem: Counselor, I have dome extensive research... and transporters are *dangerous*! ::adds more sauce to the plate with her cinnamon roll on it::
Ensign Hawke
: ::eats 5 goldfish::
LtAuroraYophton: Hawke....
: ::walks into lounge quietly and heads to the back corner with her book::
Lt Rob Garner
: Hey.... Where did everybody go?
: You're eating goldfish.
: Admiral, more people die each year in cinnamon roll accidents than in transporters!
Ensign Hawke
: hey Doc, can eating alot of goldfish harm me?
LtAuroraYophton: Why are you eating goldfish?
Coun Fiona OShea
: Ma'am, you can't just focus on the bad cases.. and surely your not counting those unreal clams in those so called papers you read
Ensign Hawke: I've been having these overpowering urges to eat goldfish, and I don't know why
Ensign Hawke: I just can't stop
LtAuroraYophton: Not if your intestines are good.
: They should just pass through.
: ACTION> The high alcohol content of the sauce for the cinnamon rolls is suddenly ignited from a nearby candelabra! WHOOSH!!!
: ::jumps::
: AH!
Lt Rob Garner
: {Oh, not this again.}
Ensign Hawke
: ::jumps up::
AdmiralGem: ^*^*^*^ PAUSE SIM ^*^*^*^
: ::slaps his head:: Sonova!
: ::paused::
Ensign Hawke
: ::pawzed::
LtJGNicoleWeis: ::paused::
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::pasued::
CMICHdave: ::Paused::
ElRiov trIdrys
: :::desuaP:::
AdmiralGem: ::sheepish grin::
LtCdr K Dallas
: ::Paused::
Lt Rob Garner: ATTENTION!
: ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys
: ::AA::
Coun Fiona OShea: ::A:A::
LtAuroraYophton: ::AA::
LtCdr K Dallas
: ::AA::
Ensign Hawke: ::AA::
LtJGNicoleWeis: ::AA::
Coun Fiona OShea
: Cinnamon Rolls.. The Next Gen. of weapons of mass distruction!
AdmiralGem: ::grins as another cute little stagehand brings out Dave's trophy and a Valentine's Day card::
: ::opens the card:: Whoa! This is supposed to be PG-13!
: Fun sim, everyone!
: The CP Journal is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.... and I highly suggest that you all go and read it... BECAUSE.....
Coun Fiona OShea
: who new cinnamon rolls could be dangous..
AdmiralGem: Our own Korben Dallas won the Muse Award!
: ::hums "who's the leader of the Team that saves us from the plague? A - U - R - O - R - A Aurora she's okay"::
: WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
: ::Claps wildly:: Woo Hoo L'il Korby!
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::Claps and cheers::
Ensign Hawke: alright!!!!
ElRiov trIdrys: :::clapclapclappityclap::: Congrats
Coun Fiona OShea: Go Korben.. You da man!
LtCdr K Dallas: ::Blinks:: NO KIDDING!!
AdmiralGem: Congratulations, Korben! Great job!
Ensign Hawke
: Way to go Korben!!!!
LtCdr K Dallas: Thank you
Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
LtCdr K Dallas: ::Blushes::
ElRiov trIdrys: Don't forget the Editorial while you're at it ... right Rob?
Lt Rob Garner: Sorry, had to switch laundry loads. What'd I miss?
Lt Rob Garner
: Hey! Nice going, Korben!
Lt Rob Garner
: I believe that's the first time the Hal has won the Muse, am I right?
: Let's see if we can win next month's Muse, too!
Ensign Hawke
: yeah
ElRiov trIdrys: And in the Alliance Report the Raptor breaks a long long silence. ;-)
AdmiralGem: Yes, Rob, that's true.
: That's all I have for tonight. Rob, do you have anything?
Lt Rob Garner
: A tummyache from all the ice cream, and another article in the school paper by Monday. ::grins::
Ensign Hawke
: hehe
Lt Rob Garner: DISMISSED!
Ensign Hawke
: Hey everyone, I want to hear ideas on names for the scout ship!!!!!!
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Lt Rob Garner: GEMINI!
: Happy Valentine's Day!
Lt Rob Garner
has left the room.
ElRiov trIdrys: niters folks
Ensign Hawke: Happy V-day to one and all
Coun Fiona OShea: later folks
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Coun Fiona OShea has left the room.
CMICHdave has left the room.
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Lt Sara Crusher has entered the room.
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Lt Sara Crusher: Hi peeps
Telsia Ehling: Ello Sara
ElRiov trIdrys
has entered the room.
ElRiov trIdrys: Hi again
Lt Sara Crusher: I lost my filing cabent and all my logs:(
Lt Sara Crusher: I hate AOL
ElRiov trIdrys: just dropping by for a minute cause Connie is not feeling good and may have to go to the hosp tonight
ElRiov trIdrys: I am sorry but I don't think I can stay for the Sim
ElRiov trIdrys: :-(
LtCdr K Dallas: Night
LtCdr K Dallas has left the room.
Victor Andros: 'aok
Victor Andros: 'sok*
LtJoshuaAsper has entered the room.
Victor Andros: IRL stuff comes first.
Lt Sara Crusher: Hey Josh
Victor Andros: Especially something like that.
LtJoshuaAsper: Heya Sara
ElRiov trIdrys
: ok well see you guys around and happy sailing
Victor Andros: Good night!!
Lt Sara Crusher: Night Eric
ElRiov trIdrys: ::::~~~'s:::: Niters
LtJoshuaAsper: ::blinks:: What's going on?
Cannon Everett
has entered the room.
ElRiov trIdrys has left the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Hi Cannon
Cannon Everett: Howdy!
Lt Sara Crusher: Eric's wife isn't feeling well, Brad
Cannon Everett: How's everyone doin' this evenin'?
LtJoshuaAsper: Oh. I hope Connie feels better.
Lt Sara Crusher
: I was having a really rotten day untill Gem made me laugh by blowing up a cinnmon roll.. lol
LtJoshuaAsper: I'm having an OK day.
: Simming makes it all the better. ;-)
LtBelTorresMD has entered the room.
LtJoshuaAsper: Does anyone have plans for Valentines?
Victor Andros
: Working.
Cannon Everett: Oh sure!
LtJoshuaAsper: Me too. Noon to 10:00 PM. Apparently, Valentines is a slave-driving holiday.
Cannon Everett
: Givin' chocolates to all the ladies!
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Smiles:: Good evening all
Lt Sara Crusher: vocal lessons
Cannon Everett: An' what's weird is they're alread outside linin' up!
CptHacker: Good evening Vice Admiral
LtJoshuaAsper: Cannon, blink. ;-)
Lt Sara Crusher: for some reason I'm having more touble with the one solo song I have this year then I did with any of my songs from last year
Cannon Everett: Pardon?
LtJoshuaAsper: Nevermind. ::laughs::
Victor Andros
: Alright.
CptKetchum has entered the room.
Victor Andros: ::blows into silvery shiny whistle... !OF DOOM!::
Victor Andros: Attention!!
Cannon Everett: ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::AA::
AdmiralGem has left the room.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::@@::
Telsia Ehling
: ;;aa;;
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Makes a couple of notes::
VAdmGrey JAG: Thank you Commander
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Walks up and down the ranks:: I am sure your minds are racing at this moment
VAdmGrey JAG: So I'll be concise.
VAdmGrey JAG: This is the USS Banshee, and we are here to have fun
VAdmGrey JAG: Anyone incapable of that, should see me after the sim
ESNMORTOK has entered the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: I am here for the next six weeks at the invatation of Commander Andros.
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: I would like to team work and week logs
VAdmGrey JAG: Does anyone have any questions?
Telsia Ehling: ::raises hand::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::raises hand too::
VAdmGrey JAG: Yes Mr. Ehling?
Cannon Everett: ::chuckles::
Lt Sara Crusher: (vqw) Miss
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Makes a note in his book::
Telsia Ehling: What exactly is going on? Why exactly are you here watching us?
VAdmGrey JAG
: Since the Captain is LOA and the sim seems to be having some difficulties I thought I might join you. :-)
Cannon Everett: ::raises hand::
Telsia Ehling: So are you the acting Captain then?
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Nods:: I will be assuming that role yes.
Telsia Ehling: Okay ::nods::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::blinks::
VAdmGrey JAG: Mr. Crusher?
Telsia Ehling: (w) Miss
Lt Sara Crusher
: I would like to team work and week logs... Huh?
Cannon Everett: ::puts hand down...forgot::
VAdmGrey JAG: Going forward I would like to see the crew work together as a team, and I would like to be included on the mailstring of the logs.
Lt Sara Crusher: Ahh
Victor Andros: I will add you to the listserve.
VAdmGrey JAG: Just laying down my expectations.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::raises hand::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Mr. Asper? You have a question?
Cyanah Kaelyre has left the room.
LtJoshuaAsper: Not so much, Admiral. More of a greeting. Welcome aboard. ::smiles::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::raises hand::
Cannon Everett: ::raises hand again...remembered::
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Makes a note in his book:: Yes, thank you.
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: Mr. Everett?
Cannon Everett: Yes, Ah was just wonderin' if our positions on the ships were 'at stake' with you monitorin' us like this.
VAdmGrey JAG: That is an interesting question, and one which I can not fully answer. I just got here. I have seen some disturbing chats.
Telsia Ehling: ::raises hand::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::hand still in the air::
ESNMORTOK: ::Raises Hand but waits for the rest to get there's first.::
VAdmGrey JAG
: I will get to everyone, but I won't go inorder. Mr Mortok, you have a queation your first I believe?
VAdmGrey JAG: Mr Mortok?
ESNMORTOK: Yes what about participation.....I started a new job and am haveing a little trouble makeing the sims lately. I still want to sim but I rarly have advance warning of the leave
: due to I make the schedule and Have to fill in when needed.
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Smiles:: Employment is good. Keep your job, this economy is tough.
VAdmGrey JAG: When you are here you are here.
VAdmGrey JAG: Mr. Crusher?
Lt Sara Crusher: With you as acting CO how will this effect the way we sim? Will we get to sim Banshee, and our characters the way we always have?
Lt Sara Crusher: that inculeds logs
VAdmGrey JAG: As long as they follow the "Play nice policy". Banshee is uncensored, so go nuts, write an action that I would never do about me and you will pay.
VAdmGrey JAG: Fair enough?
Lt Sara Crusher: Yes
Telsia Ehling: ::has hand raised::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Mr Ehling?
Cannon Everett: MISS.
VAdmGrey JAG: FOR the record. I AM old school, everyone is MR.
VAdmGrey JAG: Unless you outrank me.
Telsia Ehling: Yes, please Miss, but anyways, about the position thing, are you saying that if you don't really like us, you will move us because of "disturbing chats"?
VAdmGrey JAG
: Think of this as a sandbox. If you throw sand you will get a warning and a time out. Do it again and you don'y get to play in the sandbox.
Telsia Ehling: But what is the "Throwing" part?
has left the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Cross the line and we talk.
Cannon Everett: What about in-character?
Telsia Ehling: ::nods to Cannon aobut to ask that::
VAdmGrey JAG
: I have a couple of question to help answer that.
VAdmGrey JAG: 1) Is this a Starship?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Yes, Admiral.
VAdmGrey JAG
: 2) Are you IC Officers, who have been commisoned as professionals?
VAdmGrey JAG: 3) How do professionals act?
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Cannon Everett: So we are now forbidden to have in-character conflict?
VAdmGrey JAG: Oh heavens no!
VAdmGrey JAG: Professional disagree all the time.
Cannon Everett: ::nods:: Okay.
Telsia Ehling: ::raises hand again::
VAdmGrey JAG
: I see Torres and Cyanah have left the room. Conection problems?
VAdmGrey JAG: Yes?
Telsia Ehling: What about post and pre sim time?
Lt Sara Crusher
: Cy's having AIM trouble
VAdmGrey JAG: Okay. Good to know.
VAdmGrey JAG: If there is a problem outdie of the Banshee keep it there. As in outside of CPA.
Telsia Ehling: ::nods::
Cyanah Kaelyre
has entered the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: WB :-)
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::strangles AIM::
Victor Andros: AIM> ::dies::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Woohoo!
VAdmGrey JAG: So how about a 30 min sim tonight. Plot: Briefing in the CO's RR all officers.
Lt Sara Crusher: only 30?
VAdmGrey JAG: ~~~~BEGIN SIM~~~~
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VAdmGrey JAG: >>Yes, we'll do the hour next week :-)<<
Victor Andros: ::Standing up in a corner of the RR, a mug of coffee in his hands::
Telsia Ehling: ::walks into RR quietly and sits down::
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Walks into the RR and looks to the XO:: Commander.
Cannon Everett: ::to Josh:: Am Ah invited to the shindig in the RR?
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Victor Andros: ::nods:: Admiral.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods to Cannon as he crosses the bridge:: Yes, Ensign.
: ::grabs his coffee from the tactical console and strides into the RR, taking a seat besides his fiancee::
Cannon Everett
: ::hops up:: Well well! Look who's goin' to a meetin' in the ready room!
CptHacker: Lockheart> :enters the RR, shaky and nervous::
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles at him before stealing some of his coffee::
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Takes his seat and a Yoeman places a beverage and the PADD at his place::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles and then takes his cup back::
I JoeCastillo
has entered the room.
Cannon Everett: ::sits down next to Telsia, whispering:: Howdy. Ah'm Cannon Everett. Ah don't believe we've met.
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Checks his PADD and sees he is four minutes early, this usually shakes up the attentive crewmembers a bit::
I JoeCastillo: ((::attempts to sneak in unnoticed::-))
Telsia Ehling: (w) hi, I'm Telsia, nice to meet you Cannon
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::In the TL looking at herself in her sliver travel mug trying to make sure no one can tell she crying::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::leans over and looks at Cannon - giving him 'the look'::
Victor Andros
: <<::Zaps Joe with the cattleprod::>>
I JoeCastillo: ::On his way to the RR::
Cannon Everett: Peasure's mahne, Ms. Telsia.
Lt Sara Crusher: (which you'd know why if Cy had gotten out our log)
I JoeCastillo: ((ouch))
Cannon Everett: ::looks at Josh, mouths, "What?"::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::frowns, then smirks while shaking his head::
Telsia Ehling
: ::oblivious to the exchange::
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Does that new CO, allow the crew to get situtated thing::
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
Telsia Ehling: ::steals Josh's coffee back::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: (( test ))
Victor Andros: ::Makes no movements towards the table or the crew::
CptHacker: Lockheart> ::still shaky and nervous, her PADD rattling in her hands::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::walks onto the bridge, over to the RR takes a deep breath::
I JoeCastillo: ::Enters the RR::
Cannon Everett: ((pass))
VAdmGrey JAG: >>Sees the AOLians have released Cyanah. WB :-) <<
Lt Sara Crusher: ::hopes no one notes she looks like death warmed over::
Cannon Everett: Where does a guy get a cup of that coffee everyone's drinkin'?
Victor Andros: Replicator.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::enters the RR (and hopes she can actually stay online long enough!!)::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::walks in.. sees some strange man sitting in Rhi's desk and stops dead in her tracks::
Telsia Ehling: I stole Josh's.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::dropping her coffee::
Cannon Everett: Oh Ah don't take replicated coffee!
LtJoshuaAsper: Replicator. ::points and grins at Andros::
Cyanah Kaelyre
has left the room.
ESNMORTOK has entered the room.
Telsia Ehling: ::looks at Sara::
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::stands and clears his throat:: Good evening.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::snags the coffee cup before it hits the floor::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::blinks.::
ESNMORTOK: (( All i am haveing connection problems so I might pop out again ))
Victor Andros
: ::just looks at Josh funny::
LtJoshuaAsper: Woah, Lieutenant. ::wipes a drip off his hand and hands the cup up to her::
Cyanah Kaelyre
has entered the room.
Cannon Everett: Evenin', sir!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::takes her cup from Josh.. her eyes never leaving the person at the desk::
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( Someone please go kill AOL for me. :-( ))
ESNMORTOK: ::Walks around the brig and does some checks of the secuity systems in the cells::
Telsia Ehling
: ::looks toward Vice Admiral::
Lt Sara Crusher
: (Me! I have issues with them too)
Cannon Everett: (( or at least reason with it ))
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( No, I'm past reasoning with it! ))
Telsia Ehling: ((Mortok, we're all meeting in RR))
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::is in the RR, for what it's worth::
ESNMORTOK: ::Leave brig and geads for the RR and enters lift.:: RR
: ::looks at the Admiral and takes his coffee back, taking a sip::
Cannon Everett
: ::keeps eyeing Cyanah::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::oblivious::
VAdmGrey JAG: I am Vice Admiral Grey. I will be your acting CO. Our assignment will be given at a later time. I would like to get a status report from each of the department heads.
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Takes his seat::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks rather ill::
VAdmGrey JAG: Medical.
ESNMORTOK: ::Exits lift and enters RR:: ::AA::
: Lockheart> ::trying to breathe::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::thinks.. oh wait that's me:: Yes?
Telsia Ehling: ::wishses josh would get her some coffee::
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::looks at her, pondering::
CptKetchum has left the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Medical is as always Sir, running at top form..
LtJoshuaAsper: ::hands the cup back::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Yes, I am sure. Current number of crewpersons in the Sickbay at this yime?
Telsia Ehling: ::smils a thank you and takes a sip::
Lt Sara Crusher
: Four, two holodeck taining mishaps, one plasma burn and Ensign Song who tried to put a baby carrot up his nose
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::blinks and hides a smirk::
Cannon Everett: ::thinks...shouldn't a-told him to do that::
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Nods:: Ah yes, I have good things about this Ensign Song, quite the career ahead of him. ::chuckles::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::stifles a laugh::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Engineering?
ESNMORTOK has left the room.
Telsia Ehling: ::looks up:: Umm yes sir, the Cheif officer isn't here at the moment.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::catches Everett looking at Cy out of the corner of her eye and moves closer to Cy while sending warning looking at the young ensign::
CptHacker: Lockheart> Yes! I mean... Hi... er... Lieu, lieutenant Junior Grade Janice Athena Lockheart reporting, si, sir... Umm.. I'm kinda filling in for our, our real Chief of... of of... Engineering...
Cannon Everett: ::eyes both Sara and Cyanah::
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Releaxes a bit the vein going down::
Telsia Ehling: ::gets a bit more nervous:: Um, yes sir, she isn't here at the moment nor is her second in command, just me.
: Lock> ::sees she's being ignored::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::wonders where that staple gun is.::
VAdmGrey JAG: WE wil have to rectify this situation.
Lt Sara Crusher: (that will make suce when you read the log)
Telsia Ehling: Or, never mind sir, I guess we do have an acting Cheif ::looks at Lock weirdly but keeps her mouth shut::
Lt Sara Crusher
: (and sense too)
VAdmGrey JAG: Status?
CptHacker: Lockheart> Um, hello! Hi, I'm reporting for Engineering.
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Jots a ew more notes running out of lead::
Telsia Ehling: ::gets weirded out by Lockheart not knowing who that is::
: Lockheart> Currently Mr. Hutchinson is cleaning out the warp plasma intake manifolds, and we have people running diagnostics on the warp core, and everything looks fine...
Victor Andros: ::Wonders why the Admiral is not using a PADD::
Telsia Ehling: ::raises hand::
: Lockheart> Umm... I checked the matter-antimatter flow regulators this morning and they're all okay, no magnetic distortions... in in in short... we're okay...
CptHacker: Lockheart> We're not going to explode, or or anything...
Telsia Ehling: ::but puts it back down after a second changing her mind::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Yes, yes.
VAdmGrey JAG: Science?
LtJoshuaAsper: :puts a soothing han on Telsia's knee::
: Lockheart> ::exhales::
CptHacker: Lock> ::glad he didn't ask about Lt. Samantha Mason::
VAdmGrey JAG: :will need to go to SB for a headache later::
Telsia Ehling: ::is slightly ticked but lets Josh sooth her::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Science?
Lt Sara Crusher: (I think she froze)
Lt Sara Crusher: (aim I mean)
VAdmGrey JAG: >>Ah okay :-\<<
Cyanah Kaelyre has left the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: Security?
Cannon Everett: ::smiles a big smile::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::looks to Joe::
I JoeCastillo
: That, would be me sir.
Telsia Ehling: ::finishes off Josh's coffee::
I JoeCastillo
: Luitenant JG Joseph Castillo Acting Chief of Security.
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( ::screams:: ))
VAdmGrey JAG: >>::Passes her a camomille tea, very calming::<<
Lt Sara Crusher: (Psst.. Joe.. You were made Chief rememeber)
I JoeCastillo: Our security department is in good shape sir. My officers are well trained and have responed admirably in the line of fire.
VAdmGrey JAG: Date of your last training excerisze?
Cannon Everett: ::smiles again::
I JoeCastillo: 2 days ago sir.
I JoeCastillo: They have never disapointed me. Well that is until recently. There was an incident with the Chief of security.
I JoeCastillo: I mean the cheif of Engineering.
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Nods:: When was the last Intruder containment drill?
Telsia Ehling: ::wonders why Everett keeps smiling::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::isn't liking this smiling flirting ensign, wonders of she can get Joe to put him though more training to keep his mind other wise occupid::
CptHacker: Lock> ::folds her hands over her head at the mention of "Chief of Engineering" and "incident"::
I JoeCastillo: That would be last month sir.
Cyanah Kaelyre has left the room.
VAdmGrey JAG: Last time the ship was swept for non-regulation contraban?
Cannon Everett: ::wonders what the big words mean::
I JoeCastillo: ::Turns red:: 2 weeks ago sir.
VAdmGrey JAG: Two weeks, any ports of call since then?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::huffs.. at the port of call::
I JoeCastillo: No sir, we've been on the current mission since then.
Telsia Ehling: ::wishes they did::
: ::glances at Sara, then back at his empty cup::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Okay then,
Cannon Everett: ::goes to look at Cyanah...sees she's disappeared::
VAdmGrey JAG: Support Services
Telsia Ehling: ::reaches under table and holds Josh's one hand::
: {{Huh?}}
I JoeCastillo
: ::looks around wondering whos in charge of that::
Telsia Ehling: ((one of his hands))
: {{No, Support Services. :-)}}
: ((I could play Bert from the flight deck for a support service!))
VAdmGrey JAG: I se we have Fighters.
Telsia Ehling: ((ohh sorry))
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::eyes widen at Everett's obvious attenions towards her fiancee::
VAdmGrey JAG: Shogun class is it?
Cannon Everett: ::smiles empty-headedly at Sara::
LtJoshuaAsper: Aye, Admiral. Fighters are accounted for and fully functional. All 12 pilots are certified and the last engineering check of the fighters was two days ago.
: Lockheart> ::nods a lot::
VAdmGrey JAG: How many are on hot standby?
I JoeCastillo: ::scowls at Cannon for his blatant disregard for the matter at hand::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sets her jaw.. keeps herself looking offical.. makeing notes on how to help him get a clue::
LtJoshuaAsper: Half the set per Starfleet Regulations. Six are set with a launch time of three minutes upon initial call to duty. The other six can be ready in ten.
VAdmGrey JAG
: ::Nods knowingly:: Three minutes.... we'll see.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smirks slighty::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Very good. Commander Andros, First Officers report?
Cannon Everett: ::leans over and whispers to Telsia:: Are you as bored as Ah am?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::shoots a glare at Cannon::
Telsia Ehling
: ::tries not to smile or laugh but shushes Cannon::
Victor Andros
: The Counselor could not be here, but he is in the middle of crew psych evalutions.
Victor Andros: The Chief Engineer is currently disabled with a virus, which is why she is not here.
CptHacker: Lock> ::cringes at the words "crew psych evaluations":
VAdmGrey JAG: ::Fills in the blanks::
Victor Andros: ...and I think that accounts for everyone.
CptHacker: Lock> ::would like to die at the mention of that::
VAdmGrey JAG: So noted.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::raises hand::
VAdmGrey JAG
: Mr. Asper?
LtJoshuaAsper: I'd also to add that tactical and all defensive systems are running in tiptop shape, sir.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::tries not to groan.. is just in a mood.. ignore the moody redhead::
Victor Andros: ::Clears throat::
Victor Andros: Attention!
VAdmGrey JAG: ~~~~PAUSE SIM~~~~
Cannon Everett: ::AA::
I JoeCastillo: ::aa::
Telsia Ehling: ::aa::
: ::@@::
: ::aa::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::aa::
VAdmGrey JAG: I wold like to get any emails you would care to send my way about concerns. Please note I share things with my XO.
VAdmGrey JAG: I will have a brief out for the weekend.
VAdmGrey JAG: Thank you all and be safe.
Victor Andros: Crew Dismissed!!
Cannon Everett has left the room.
VAdmGrey JAG has left the room.
Telsia Ehling: ::looks around and scratches her head::
I JoeCastillo
: so....
Telsia Ehling: interesting, no?
: Hmmmm.
Lt Sara Crusher
: yeah well.. whatev..
LtJoshuaAsper: This'll spice things up. :-)
LtJoshuaAsper: Everybody mamba!
Telsia Ehling
: Do you think the plot will end soon?
: Don't know. ::dances::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::trips him::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::falls::
Telsia Ehling
: ::pouts at sara then goes and gives her a hug::
: ::leaps up::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::smiles sweetly and points to tel::
Lt Sara Crusher: all I know is Sarah and I need shore leave time or we're still dead in the water
LtJoshuaAsper: I did that for all your enjoyment, I swear.
Telsia Ehling
: ::believes Josh::
: ::smiles::
Lt Sara Crusher
: Ok anyone else get a creepy Wesley vibe every time he said Mr. Crusher?
LtJoshuaAsper: Nope. ;-)
I JoeCastillo: lol
I JoeCastillo: now that you mention it
Lt Sara Crusher: I did.. ::shivers::
LtJoshuaAsper: Then again, I get a creepy vibe everytime someone says your name. :-P ;-) :-)
Lt Sara Crusher: ::smack::
Telsia Ehling: I just get creepy vibes when women are called men.
Lt Sara Crusher
: lol
LtJoshuaAsper: All right all. Gotta jet.
: See you all next week.
has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: what we have here
I JoeCastillo: is a failure to comunicate
Telsia Ehling: Well, I should head out of the chat, I have bad lag anyways,see you guys around
I JoeCastillo
: good night tel
Telsia Ehling has left the room.
CptHacker: yes a failure to communicate.
I JoeCastillo: i don't see why we can't all just get along. I get along with everyone :-)
CptHacker: yeah but you'd have to read the chatlogs from the past few weeks.
I JoeCastillo: i read them
I JoeCastillo: they were harsh
I JoeCastillo: but the cuplrit wasnt even here
Lt Sara Crusher: we wouldn't been us if we didn't have drama from time to time
Lt Sara Crusher: brb
Lt Sara Crusher has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: So whats up glenn did you turn in that assigment yet?
CptHacker: yup
CptHacker: that one is done.
I JoeCastillo: you have another one?
I JoeCastillo: hows melody coming along?
CptHacker: she's coming along just fine :)
Lt Sara Crusher has entered the room.
I JoeCastillo: be out by saturday?
Lt Sara Crusher: I hate aol
CptHacker: oh yeah, has to be
CptHacker: it's done on Saturday
I JoeCastillo: you the party
I JoeCastillo: Sara do you have that sad thing?
I JoeCastillo: they were talkinga bout it on mtv before i left for work
Lt Sara Crusher: huh?

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