<USS Banshee> Aftermath

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*this was wrten after a log that involes myself, Josh and our fair Captain. 
It takes place right after that one, so when Josh sends out the 3way then 
some of this will make more sence.*

By Ensign Sara Crusher
With an appearance from Ensign Anthony D'Vorak

Sara walked into sick bay not in the best of moods. She wasn't having all 
that great of a day. It started off with her hating the fact that her duties 
are still being limited, to being busted like a 16 year old by her mother on 
the pouch with her boyfriend, to now having to do ALL of Anthony's paper work 
plus up date the entire medical data base.

Anthony noticed Sara walk into sickbay rather upset about something.  He 
finished up cleaning after completing some physicals and walked over to her.  
"What's up Tribbs, you don't look too good?"

Sara started to roll her eyes but Morrigan’s voice still ran though her mind 
and she stopped. She sighed deeply instead. "Have you ever just had one of 
those days where you wish you could just get back in bed and hide under the 

Anthony put his arm on Sara's shoulder.  "I get those days all the time, I 
usually just concentrate on working and I get through it"  He could tell it 
was more serious than he originally thought. "What happened?" Anthony smiled, 
hoping that it would comfort Sara enough to get her to talk.

At times Sara wondered if maybe she had let Anthony to close. As she looked 
up at his smile she could not help but feel better and worse at the same 
time. "I just got back from Captain Morrigan's ready room." She sighed.

Anthony frowned.  He knew Sara had been in trouble with Captain Morrigan 
lately but  he didn't think it had phased her this much.  "She's not still 
giving you a hard time about the cat is she?"  He shook his head "Don't worry 
about squealin’ on me... I forgive you... don't let that stuff bother you!"

Sara laughed. "Dog...And no it had nothing to do with that. She's ok with 
that now that I have finally given her enough proof that he's not a threat." 
Sara laughed again as she thought about all the paper work all this time with 
the Captain is causing her. She moved over to the bio bed in the middle of 
the room and started to kick at it. "This time was over something even more 

Anthony stepped closer to her and looked into her eyes.  "What did you do?"  
His smile turned into a concerned glare.  

"I..." She wasn't sure if she should tell him the truth. She was still 
unclear on what was going on with him and she worried about how he might 
react to the truth. "I got caught away from my post while on duty." She hoped 
that would be enough for him. She really didn’t want it getting around the 
ship that she and Josh had been busted making out by the Captain. Sara's face 
turned the same shade of red it had been 15 minutes before as she continued 
to kick at the bed. 

Anthony could tell that something was wrong, and he could tell that she 
didn't want to talk about it right now.  He figured she would come around 
when she was ready.  "I shouldn't have let you go to the bridge... I guess 
its partly my fault..."  He half-smiled at her.  "Work on whatever you 
like... there isn't a lot to do here today."

Sara looked up at Anthony with a clear look of announce on her face. It 
wasn't directed at him but at the whole silly mess. "It wasn't your fault. 
What happened just happened. It wasn’t really any one's fault. It just got 
out of hand... in a lot of ways." Sara then looked over at the stack of padds 
that Anthony had piled on the counter. "How many physicals did you do today?" 
She asked not giving him time to question her last statement. 

He noticed that Sara had changed the subject, as she often did when she felt 
uncomfortable with his current line of questioning.  He was in a good mood 
today so he would let it slide.  "I completed the physicals for the two new 
officers, I did some crewman physicals here and there, oh, and some 
apprentice engineers.... So that makes about 7.  Give or take a few"  He 
smiled.  "We had a few broken bones this morning... holodeck fever again" He 
looked again through his list from the morning.  "Oh, and Crewman Bossey 
swallowed a quarter... that was fun."

Sara moaned loudly and whined a bit. Anthony looked over at Sara and quickly 
made his way over to her.  He scanned her with his medical tri-corder.  
"What's up Tribbs?"

"My punishment is to do all your paper work for a week and update the WHOLE 
STINKING medical data base." She told him. She moaned again as she picked up 
the padds.

He closed his tri-corder while trying to hold back a laugh.  "Well, I don't 
have anything that can help you with that, but... If you need any help, I'll 
be in the next room with the cadavers, Its the first time in a while for me!"

Sara smiled as she watched Anthony head out of the room. Then she grabbed a 
few more padds and headed for the AMO’s office. She dropped them on the desk 
and watched as they coved it. Then she walked to the replicater and ordered a 
large mug of coffee. "What the heck." She said as she took the drink from the 
shelf. "I’m already in hot water why not add more." She then sat at the desk 
and grabbed the first padd. 

Sara had updated Ensign Kalpana’s file and was working on Lt. Jg. 
when her mind started drifting back to the ready room and the weird readings 
she had been getting from Morrigan. She wasn’t sure what was bothering her 
more, the reads themselves or that fact that she read her at all. Normally to 
read someone she‘s spent little to no time with she would have to focus on 
that person for that reason. But she wasn‘t trying to read Morrigan she was 
to busy shooting of her mouth and trying not to roll her eyes. But there is 
was, a mixed and faded cascade of emotion. 

"Man I wish I would have paid closer attention to Gram when she was telling 
me about Bajorans." She said out loud. Sara’s abilities became even more 
limited around certain races. Ferengi and Breen for get it, even a full 
blooded Betazoid can’t read them, some half bloods may have trouble with 
Klingons and the Benzite. With Sara it was Bajorans. Which added another how 
question. Morrigan is half Bajoran. Sara sat back in the chair and rested her 
head on small neck pillow that hung from the top. She closed her eyes and 
tried to clear things up but her moment of peace was interrupted.  

"Excuse me Doctor." Came a strange voice. 

Sara opened one eye and looked at the door way. "Yes Yeoman." She said as she 
straighten up in her chair. 

The young man walked deeper in the office and Sara’s shoulders slummed at the 
sight of the bundle that he carried under his arms. "The Captain said that 
this information needs to be added to the proper files and data banks." He 
said as he set another 25 padds on the desk. "By the end of the week." He 
added as if he felt sorry for Sara.

Sara wanted to cry as she looked at all the padds. "Very well. Thank you 
Yeoman." The young man nodded and then left.

Sara looked over a couple of the padds and the information they held. She 
then placed her head on the desk and moaned again as she slowly as she 
started to hit her head on the desk.   

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