<USS Banshee> 4-4-3 Chat Log

  • From: Victor Andros <victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 18:22:14 -0700 (PDT)

Okay, so quite a bit happened this past sim... but oddly nothing really 
happened. Mrs. Kathryn Morrigan got settled on board and talked with Cyanah for 
a little bit while Sara complained about Dr. Bashir of DS9 fame. Meanwhile in 
Main Engineering Samantha tried to keep the peace as Wallace and Janice argued 
over Connect Four. Josh caught himself up to speed and chatted with Joe and 
Victor about shoreleave. Cyanah and Kathryn decided to have a meeting with 
Commander Andros and 3-forward was selected as the place. Before he could get 
there, though, Joe intercepted him on the TL, and the two once again proved 
that the turbolifts are *the* place to make out on the ship. Sara was invited 
to the meeting, leaving Lieutenant Mason to fend off Wallace the Asshole 
Pornmonger. So Cyanah, Victor, Sara, and Kathryn met in the three-forward 
lounge to discuss the fate of Captain Morrigan. A loose plan was decided on 
which involved Victor confroting Admiral Fatima while the three girls would 
gain access to the captain's quarters. In the meantime, Janice and Samantha had 
left engineering to the devices of underlings and attempted to hide in the 3F 
Lounge, where a surprised Mrs. Morrigan confronted them. Victor returned to the 
bridge so he could be front stage when the Banshee reached DS9, which it did 
sure enough with shields up. To be continued next time on... The Banshee Turns.

Commander Victor Andros

Executive Officer, USS Banshee

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You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
Coun Fiona OShea: Not to normal or I'll be outta a job
LtCdr K Dallas: Blast ::Has gotten a run in his hose all the way up to his garter::
KerrekLordington: +taps+ Perhaps you should test it on the Counselor and myself first before everyone. Much safer protocol, I must say.
HeatherMclouson has entered the room.
I JoeCastillo has entered the room.
AdmiralGem: Those were my new stockings, Korben.....
Coun Fiona OShea
: Cheif> Ready when you are SIr
KerrekLordington: Ready Counselor?
AdmiralGem: Have it your way, Mister Prime Minister.
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ::begins treating a man with a gash in his head::
Coun Fiona OShea
: +Gem+ Admiral I think we can fix this.. Stand by
Coun Fiona OShea: ::nods to Kerrek::
KerrekLordington: +taps+ Go ahead Chief.
KerrekLordington: :;stands waiting to be transportered::
MistOfAvalon: ::spots a cracked pipe, kneels next to it::
: +T+ Everyone On The Planet - Return to the fountain in the square. We are going to return to the ship.... somehow.
Coun Fiona OShea
: Chief> ::beams up Kerrek aand O'Shea
Ltjg Rob Garner: +GEM+ Understood, Admiral.
has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher has entered the room.
Ltjg Rob Garner: ::finishes up with the guy he was working on::
LtCdr K Dallas
: Good idea Admiral.
Lt Ember Starr: ::Finds a cracked wire, wraps it in duct tape::
AdmiralGem: ACTION> Kerrek and Fiona are back to normal... or whatever is normal for the Hal
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ::reports back to the fountain::
Lt Ember Starr
: There... no one will know...
MistOfAvalon: ::hears the comm:: Well, sorry pipe - you're going to have to wait.
Coun Fiona OShea
: There back! Yay!
LtCdr K Dallas: ::Walks ever so carefully back::
Lt Ember Starr: ::Calls out to Julia:: We need to go!
MistOfAvalon: ::gets up awkwardly, heads back over to Ember::
: ::back to "normal":: Much better.
Coun Fiona OShea: ::looks herself over:: Hey! You suffed my boots!
KerrekLordington: suffed your boots?
Dr AuroraYophton: ::stops and tries to be discreet about adjusting him/herself:: Man this is rude....
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::smiles:: Now you owe me dinner
AdmiralGem: ::bows to the Prime Minister, and resists the urge to hold her arm out for Korben::
Cpt Morrigan
has entered the room.
KerrekLordington: how could I? Those were your feet?
Coun Fiona OShea: But your brain was... Oh almost forgot
AdmiralGem: ::strides back to the square::
: ::galumphs back to the square::
Coun Fiona OShea
: +Gem+ We're back to normal, Ma'am.. Stand by for transport
AdmiralGem: Where's the Counselor and Lordington?
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ::chortles in his joy::
Lt Ember Starr
: ::Following Julia back, ever so daintily::
AdmiralGem: +Fi+ Thank the heavens! Hurry and beam us all back!
Coun Fiona OShea
: +Gem+ Aye Ma'am ::nods to the Chief::
Dr AuroraYophton: ::following Rob back to the square admiring all those hours on the stairmaster::
Coun Fiona OShea
: Cheif> ::nods back::
Coun Fiona OShea: ::looks at Kerrek:: So how about dinner.. ::smiles::
KerrekLordington: Dinner sounds fine. ::smiles back::
Coun Fiona OShea: {Stairmasters are EVIL}
Coun Fiona OShea: Wonderful.. My place around 8 then?
AdmiralGem: ACTION> All of the heads and bodies are returned to their rightful owners as the crew beams back!!!
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ::waits to be beamed up::
Lt Ember Starr
: ::Shimmers::
LtCdr K Dallas: {{{Shimmer}}} }}}Unshimmer{{{{
Dr AuroraYophton: ::beams::
Lt Ember Starr
: ::Gets righted::
KerrekLordington: I thought I *owed* you dinner?
MistOfAvalon: {{{{Shimmers back into her normal, correctly-proportioned and equipped self}}}}
Ltjg Rob Garner: ::beamed::
has entered the room.
AdmiralGem: ::checks herself and sighs happily::
Ltjg Rob Garner
: Ahh, much better.
: ÷x§x÷÷x§x÷PAUSESIM÷x§x÷÷x§x÷
LtCdr K Dallas: Attention on deck
Lt Ember Starr: ::paused::
AdmiralGem: ÷x§x÷÷x§x÷PAUSESIM÷x§x÷÷x§x÷
Ltjg Rob Garner: ::paused::
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ::AA::
: ::kitty paws::
Dr AuroraYophton
: ::can't help as she beams back smiling and hugging herself::
: ::paused::
Dr AuroraYophton: ::AA::
Lt Ember Starr
: ::AA::
MistOfAvalon: ::AA::
Dr AuroraYophton
: Er
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::AA::
KerrekLordington: ::AA::
Dr AuroraYophton: ::paused::
: Whew!!
: Gotta hate when those Flashes of Light happen!
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::wonders if she should tell Gem she has a HUGE run in her stockings::
HeatherMclouson: (::can't control her laughter in the peanut gallery::-)
AdmiralGem: Gentlemen... I don't know how you do it.
Ltjg Rob Garner
: Neither do we.
: Ladies..... we are SO lucky that we have *our* bodies!
: Amen, sistah!
Coun Fiona OShea
: Oh yeah
AdmiralGem: ::grins:: First things first... ::Samantha brings out Rob's trophy and a room key at the Do-Tell Motel::
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ::conveniently will leave the key behind on his way out::
LtCdr K Dallas
: Admiral ::hands her a Frog::
AdmiralGem: And this week's Frog!
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::Has Mya on speed dial..watches Robert very closely::
AdmiralGem: Congratulations, Mister Garner! Your log wins this week's Frog!
: ::applauds::
Ltjg Rob Garner
: You mean our log ::smiles::
Coun Fiona OShea
: ::claps::
MistOfAvalon: >>Didn't get this one either - could someone forward it to me?<<
: ::applauds::
AdmiralGem: You did most of the work. ::smiles::
: >Sure!
: Don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour on Saturday night!
Ltjg Rob Garner
: ...Sunday.
: Thanks, Ember, for tonight's special guest appearance!
Lt Ember Starr
: ::Bows::
Coun Fiona OShea: other wise next week you'll show up for Banshee
Coun Fiona OShea: Yay! Ember!
AdmiralGem: Korben... if you please?
LtCdr K Dallas
: Yeah, ::Claps::
LtCdr K Dallas: Halcyon Crew Dismissed
Ltjg Rob Garner has left the room.
LtCdr K Dallas has left the room.
AdmiralGem: Thanks for playing!
has left the room.
Lt Ember Starr has left the room.
AdmiralGem: Go help in the Academy!
: Goodnight Everyone!
KerrekLordington has left the room.
Coun Fiona OShea has left the room.
AdmiralGem: ::tosses the keys to Rhiannon:: It's all yours, Boss!
: Have fun, Banshee!
Lt Sara Crusher
has left the room.
Cpt Morrigan: ::;catches::: Thanks, Admiral!
AdmiralGem has left the room.
Lt Sara Crusher has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason has entered the room.
Cpt Morrigan: Greetings and salutation, Banshee-ettes.
Dr AuroraYophton has left the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Chip!!!!
Cpt Morrigan: Rhi!
LtJoshuaAsper: How are you Chip, long time no see! :-\ I hope everything is OK?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Hey Morri.
Cpt Morrigan: I'm fine as can be.
LtJoshuaAsper: Good! Welcome back! :-D
CptKetchum has left the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Dude.. Green is just wrong on her
Lt Sara Crusher: HI CY!!
Cyanah Kaelyre: HI SARA!!!
Cpt Morrigan: I apologise for my unexpected absence last week.... I've got a little medical condition that has been causing me to take unexpected naps.
Cpt Morrigan: Hopefully in a few weeks, all will be well again.
LtJoshuaAsper: Green is wrong on her? Who? ::looks around confused::
Lt Sara Crusher
: Not her.. You
Lt Sara Crusher: Though your name is pink so you got the whole Baby Bop vibe going on
LtJoshuaAsper: Better?
Victor Andros
: :::Laughs::
Lt Sara Crusher: kinda
Victor Andros: FCM is Baby Bop!
LtJoshuaAsper has left the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Well ok then
LtJoshuaAsper has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason: FCM?
LtJoshuaAsper: Former Chicken Man.
Lt SamanthaMason
: who's that?
Lt SamanthaMason: Asper?
LtJoshuaAsper: Sanders
Lt SamanthaMason
: ohh... The Colonel
LtJoshuaAsper: Mr. Gray Hair himself. ::glares at Sara::
Victor Andros
: Yup.
Lt SamanthaMason: huh?
Lt Sara Crusher: What? Why are you glaring at me?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles::
Lt SamanthaMason
: we're talking about The Colonel, right?
LtJoshuaAsper: Yes.'
Cpt Morrigan
: Okay, folks... let's get into position and get this show on the road.
LtJoshuaAsper: Mr. Gray Hair.
Lt SamanthaMason
: and all his 13 herbs and spices of fried chicken goodness.
Lt Sara Crusher: Yay!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::gets ready to start::
Victor Andros: ::Pulls out the whistle of uber-doom::
Victor Andros: Tweet!
Victor Andros: Attention!!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::@@::
Lt SamanthaMason
: ::aa::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::By putting super glue on Josh and Sam's chair::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::AA::
I JoeCastillo: :AA:
HeatherMclouson: ::AA::
Victor Andros: ::Nudges Sara:: <w> The Hal is over now...
Lt Sara Crusher: (w) Huh?
Cpt Morrigan: MISSION BRIEF: The Banshee receiving the last of it's protocols to leave the system as the crew finishes up its shoreleave and makes its way back to the ship.
Cpt Morrigan: The Captain's mother is safely quartered aboard the ship, traveling with the crew to go get her darling baby girl.
Cpt Morrigan: Any questions?
Victor Andros: <w> No glue, silly.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::shakes head:: No, ma'am.
: ::raises hand::
Lt Sara Crusher: (w) Oh yeah.. Your right, tacs would have been better
I JoeCastillo: ::raises his hand too::
Cpt Morrigan: Yes, Heather?
Victor Andros: ::bites his lip::
HeatherMclouson: Are we all suposed to be on the ship righ tnow?
Victor Andros: Just whomever decided to come back
Lt Rob Garner has entered the room.
Lt Rob Garner has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: is lt D'nalls on the ship?
Cpt Morrigan: Attendence on the taxi trip to get the Cappy is not mandatory
HeatherMclouson: Okay thanks.
Cpt Morrigan: D'nalls was back on board last time I looked.
Cpt Morrigan: (But if you are planning on coming on the trip.... I suggest you get your hiney onboard.)
I JoeCastillo: :Lets out a sigh of relief: Good i dont have to worry about those piles and piles of PADDs anymore :-)
Cpt Morrigan: Everyone take your marks....
Cpt Morrigan: Get set....
Cpt Morrigan: BEGIN SIM
Cpt Morrigan: BEGIN SIM
Cpt Morrigan: BEGIN SIM
Lt Sara Crusher: ::in a TL reading a PADD::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::walking down the corridor just outside his quarters heading for the TL::
Lt SamanthaMason
: ::back onboard the Banshee working::
Victor Andros: ::sitting in the center seat::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::enters the TL:: Deck One, Bridge.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::mumbles about Bashir's reports on the Cpt::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::rides the TL::
: ::whistles and then walks out onto the bridge::
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> :::pulling various items from her seemingly bottomless bag and positioning them around her assigned quarters::::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::steps up behind his console and activates it, relieving the ensign already there::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::steps off the TL and walks down the hall with a major headache::
Lt Sara Crusher: {She's Marry Poppins!!}
Lt SamanthaMason: ::tonight's Engineering plot is brought to you by... Milton Bradley's Connect 4, Norvig and what's-his-goddamn-name's Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, and viewers like you.::
Victor Andros: +All Banshee Crew, except Heather+ Attention crew, this is the final call for the trip to DS9.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::arranges some various stone figurines of the Goddess here and there and begins burning a bit of sage::::
HeatherMclouson: @::in her room inside the Star Fleet Compound on Earth::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::mutters::: Ship or no ship.... better safe than sorry when it comes to the evil spirits.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::rings the door to Ms. Morrigan's room::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha/Janice/Wallace> ::working peacefully in engineering, except for Wallace who's still being a Major Jackass::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps the console, bringing the weapons on-line::
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> :::looks at the door quizzically::::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::grubbles:: Of course she reacted strangly to Mortifin for her headaches her baffon! She's alleric! ::not talking to anyone just the PADD::
HeatherMclouson: @:;trying to figure out what the heck the silver stick thing does::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::not on-line, just up to speed::
Lt Sara Crusher
: * you not her
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::rings the chime again::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> As usual, not doing anything... or in other terms, playing connect 4 against himself:: Dammit, I lose and win again!
LtJoshuaAsper: Commander, we're set to depart for Deep Space Nine.
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> :::calls out, hoping that it works::: Come on in.... the door is hopefully open!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::walks into Eng as she puts the padd away:: idot.. ::shakes her head::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::glances over:: Wallace, why are you playing connect 4?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> It's fun. ::plays again::
HeatherMclouson: @::as she's tapping the thing on the desk she hits it against a lamp sitting on the table and gets zapped with a high voltage jolt through the stick and is knocked out::
I JoeCastillo: :In the security office sorting trough PADDs yet again:
Lt Sara Crusher: Lt. Mason?!
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::walks in as the door opens:: Hi! ::smiles:: Are you settling in well?
Victor Andros: Thank you, Mr. Asper.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> You excell in retardation.
Victor Andros: Mr. Chaos, head for Deep Space Nine.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods and continues his report::
I JoeCastillo
: :Talking to himself: He gets back from his little adventure and he forgets how to fill out PADDs how convenient.
Victor Andros: Chaos> Yessir
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::approaches Crusher:: Yes, Doctor how can I help you?
Victor Andros: Chaos> ::Lays in the coordinates::
Victor Andros: Warp 5. Whenever you're ready.
Victor Andros: Chaos> Aye, Commander. Warp 5.
I JoeCastillo: These 4 walls are driving me crazy.
Victor Andros: Action> Stars go all streaky as the ship takes off towards DS9 at Warp Five.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> It's really fun!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::fingers doodle across the console looking at shield status and weapon abilities:: How was your shore leave, Commander?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Janice> You're supposed to be working!
Lt Sara Crusher: I was just informed about the status of a.. Mister... Oh darn what was his name.. ::thinks:: The borg fellow
Lt SamanthaMason: Sam> Akira?
Victor Andros: ::Blinks:: Interesting. And yours?
Lt Sara Crusher: Yeah that it!
Cpt Morrigan: Wicca> :::appears from the Captain's ready room and heads off the bridge:::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> You MIX all the red and black pieces together???
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> What? What's wrong with that?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::watches Wicca and nods::
Lt SamanthaMason
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> So! I can do what I want! I got this as a birthday present when I was like six... or something...
LtJoshuaAsper: ::frowns:: Not how I would have liked to spent it, but I'm glad to be back.
Cpt Morrigan
: Wicca> :::nods:::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> You put all the red on one side and all the black on the other... ::starts arranging them::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks in the direction of the yelling:: Staff trouble?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> What're you doing??? Stop that!?
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::brightens as she sees Cy::: Darlin', these rooms are like shoeboxes! How do ye live?
Lt SamanthaMason: Sam> ::trying not to look embarrassed:: Perhaps we should walk and talk?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::nods::
HeatherMclouson: @::rubs her head as she opens her eyes carefully::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Well, I must admit that back home I'm used to an estate, but I've adjusted.
HeatherMclouson: @What the.....!!!!!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Sam> ::winces:: So tell me, how is Akira coming along? Is he... fully conscious yet?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> AHH!! You like ruined everything!
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> I put the red on one side... how is that ruining everything
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> That was a very delicate system!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::shakes her head lightly:: No he still has some fuctions to relearn.. He still walks like someone taped his knees together
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> quantumaologically and state-search-space oriented--
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> quantumaologically?? That's not even a word!
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> An estate.... Goddess be.... why did ye leave it?
I JoeCastillo: :Gets up and walks out of the office towards the TL: I can't take it anymore i dont think i'll ever get use to office work.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> I see.
HeatherMclouson: @Man's Voice> Hey Ms. Mclouson! Shut up back there. We can't risk nobody finding you. Anything you ask for will be provided just keep your comm badge off and that you don't scream no more.
Cyanah Kaelyre: I wanted the chance to study more Science than climbing the social ranks would allow me to.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Commander Shelby's assigned me to help him readjust... at least mentally, I don't know about physically. I"m not well trained to give him physical care ::nor would want too::
HeatherMclouson: @Who are you?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Look it up in the dictionary
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> I memorized the dictionary.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Umm... last year's edition.
HeatherMclouson: @And how in the $#*&%$ did I get here?
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> You dumbass, I always memorize the new dictionary the day it comes out!!
Lt Sara Crusher: I've already assigned on PT to his case.. He'll work on his phyical recovery as soon as you appove it
LtJoshuaAsper: Any updates on the Captain, Commander? ::looks over, still glancing occasionally to the console::
Victor Andros
: nothing yet
LtJoshuaAsper: ::frowns:: And Lieutenant D'nalls?
I JoeCastillo
: :Enters the TL : Deck 1.
Victor Andros: he's off-duty right now
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Really? Wow... you're...it's a word dammit!
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Can I get ye something to drink, dearie?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::nods:: I do.
LtJoshuaAsper: But he's back onboard? ::looks on inquisitively::
Victor Andros
: ...yes
Cyanah Kaelyre: Tea, please. ::smiles::
Victor Andros: he was just here
HeatherMclouson: @Man's Voice> Hey now, enough with the noise. I am not a answer man. I am the delivery man. You rang the code so I deliver you. Ask the boss when you talk to him.
Lt Sara Crusher: Good then his treatment will start this after noon.. Is there anything else I should know where he is concered?
HeatherMclouson: @Code?
HeatherMclouson: @I didn't ring any code....
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Let me put it this way...see every time the pieces fall out of the bottom... and land where they land... determine how the next game will be played out... every black and red piece has a specific "destiny"
LtJoshuaAsper: I'm sorry I missed him. ::stifles himself from asking anymore questions::
: ::hums to himself as he looks over the reports from the diagnostics on the shield grid::
I JoeCastillo
: :Exits the TL when it opens on Deck 1 and enters the bridge heading for the security console:
HeatherMclouson: @ ::a gas seeps through the vents in the apparent vehicle she's traveling in and she is subdued as the fog seeps back into her mind::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::covers her ears:: Shut up! I swear to god, just by listening to you I'm getting more retarded... ::runs away, mumbling dictionary definitions under her breath starting with "A"::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::goes and gets some tea from the replicator::: I certainly miss brewing my own blends.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::thinks:: I don't believe so. If he can form a coherent thought, you'll call me down?
Lt Sara Crusher: I will..
I JoeCastillo: :Nods at Andros: Commander :and then nods at Josh: Lt. how are you gentlemen doing today?
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::rushes by Crusher and Samantha, half sobbing half mumbling dictionary definitions::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Oh, I imagine so... I need to bring some tea from home next time I get to go there.
Lt Sara Crusher: Oh I was wondering one last thing.. His implants.. Did you want then to study or shall I send them somewhere else
HeatherMclouson: @Oh...wait...the stick. ::oddly enough the fog makes her think about this situation more clearly::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Tea... a sign of a civilized society... at least I believe so.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sees Janice:: Umm is she alright?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Indeed! ::sips at the tea:: Ahhhh....
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles at Joe:: I'm just fine, Ensign, thank you. How was your shore leave?
Victor Andros
: ::nods:: ensign
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> I don't believe he has any implants. They were removed from his body.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::remembers reading Doctor Signaru's de-borgification process and shudders a bit... at the same time catches Janice run by::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::takes out her PADD again and looks at her notes.. Groans::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> I don't know what's wrong with her...
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Cyanah.... did ye see my Rhi when she came back aboard the ship?
I JoeCastillo: :Begins some diagnostic checks on security systems, and blushes a bit at Josh's question: Um interesting to say the least, hows your rib and how was your shoreleave?
Lt Sara Crusher: I'm gone for a week and they forget the porper way of doing things ::sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Hey! ::runs down the hallway:: Hey... hey... ::to Crusher and Mason:: Did you dude-ettes... see Janice run by? She stole a red piece!
I JoeCastillo: :Thinks to himself danmit I blush more on this ship than a lilttle schoolgirl with her first crush:
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::nods:: Yes, I did.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> A...red piece of? ::raises an eyebrow::
LtJoshuaAsper: The chest's feeling better, thanks, and the shore leave was less than enjoyable, but I'm glad to be back.
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Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::shows her the connect four chips:: These!! They're important! If you lose them you can't properly play the game!
LtJoshuaAsper: {{::waves goodbye to Heather::}}
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::blinks::
I JoeCastillo: Not a fan of goold old Terra Firma?
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> And in your opinion... how bad was she... really?
LtJoshuaAsper: Terra Firma? ::looks at him questioningly::
Lt Sara Crusher
: There checkers
I JoeCastillo: Earth.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::frowning at Wallace, in a meancing (under her breath voice):: GO... back...to...work.
HeatherMclouson has entered the room.
HeatherMclouson: @ Carl, ::her voice sounds slihglty hollow as if someone was speaking through her:: take the cargo to the Docking Facilites on the North Side. 38642 is the number you're looking for. And don't waste time. This load is hot.
Cyanah Kaelyre: She was herself, Ms. Morrigan. Quite annoyed at her condition, as you'd expect, but she was fine. And I'm sure she'll be perfectly well again once Sara does her work.
I JoeCastillo: Sorry, i guess i take for granted being from Earth that no all humans are from Earth, what planet are you from Lt.?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::Crusher's slander outrageous Wallace more than Samantha's rage:: Did you just call these Checkers?
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> She has a way of bouncing back.... she's got... spirit. :::chuckles::: It wouldn't be the first time she's had a nasty go at life.
LtJoshuaAsper: Kessik IV.
Lt Sara Crusher
: yes because that's what they are
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Did you hear what she just said!? ::to Sam::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> WALLACEGOBACKTOWORK!!! ::pointing down the hallway::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::can feel her headache growing worse::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::startled by Samantha's feriocity, drops his pieces:: My checkers!!! I mean... ::starts to pick them up::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Come... I need to go see the Commander for a bit. It would be rude for me not to thank him for his kindness.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Of course. Would you like me to accompany you?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::breathing heavily:: I'm sorry Doctor, I'll have to get back to babysitting this lot. Thank you again for the update. and you wouldn't have anything for a headache?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::to Sam:: Yeah I know same here, you scream like a Banshee...
I JoeCastillo: :: Glances down at the console to see how the system check is coming along, so far so good:: I'm not familiar with it where is that?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::digs though her pockets and hands Sam a packet of asprin:: I also have something
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::clenches her fists and her teeth::
Lt SamanthaMason: Sam> ::takes the aspirin, breaths out:: Thank you.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> I would greatly appreciate a guide.
LtJoshuaAsper: About four lightyears from Alpha Centauri.
Lt Sara Crusher
: Your welcome and good luck.. Oh and there are cattle prods in the draws off all the chief's desk.. ::winks and walks off::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Certainly. Shall we? ::takes her tea::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::picks up his "checkers" looking at Sam for an aspirin::
LtJoshuaAsper: Towards the Jerius system.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Samantha> Cattle prods? ::nearly decides to down the entire bottle of aspirin but only takes two and swallows them bitterly, pockets the rest::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::hiding in a dark corner of the Banshee sobbing and reciting words that start with "B"::
I JoeCastillo: Oh I always dreamed of seeing Alpha Centauri one day maybe we can see it togetther one day and you can show me around your home planet, is it nice?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::smiles as she walks down the hall towards the TL::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Fine... ::walks back to engineering::
LtJoshuaAsper: It
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> :::grabs a long shawl and wraps it around herself::: Aye, dearie..... let's go see Commander.... Commander... Anteater?
Lt SamanthaMason: Sam> ::finds herself alone in the hallway, sighs loudly, leaning against the wall::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::stops::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Andros. ::Chuckles::
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Andros+ Kaelyre to Commander Andros.
LtJoshuaAsper: It's not what it used to be. I don't plan on returning for quite some time.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::waiting for the TL:: I think I need something stronger then an asperin, I wonder if the bar is open yet
Victor Andros: +Cy+ Commander Andros here
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Andros.... Andros.... :::devilish twinkle in her eye:::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::sees that on one is around, goes up and kicks a panel::
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Andros+ Commander, Ms. Morrigan wishes to talk with you. Are you available?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> oww! ::hopping around::
I JoeCastillo: :Startled by Josh's stopping: Oh I'm sorry to hear that, are you ok?
LtJoshuaAsper: I'm just fine. ::becomes defensive::
Victor Andros
: ::looks at Josh:: Josh can you handle the bridge for now?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::falls over onto a chair, groans loudly and lays there uncomfortably::
Cpt Morrigan: Wicca> :::taps at a console in her quarters and loads Wallace's console with a fairly hefty, yet fairly harmless electircal discharge::::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Aye, Commander.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::enters the TL:: deck three
Victor Andros: +Cy+ yes, I am available
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::tricks on Wicca... hasn't ever touched his console... like ever... except that one day to check porn... but now uses Janice's computer when she's not around...::
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Andros+ Where shall we meet you?
Victor Andros: +Cy+ Where are you?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::BTW, guess what he's doing right now since Janice is off reciting the dictionary::
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Andros+ We are in Ms. Morrigan's quarters.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::leans on the wall and smiles:: ~Hey there.~
Cpt Morrigan: <<ACK! I don't want to know!>>
Lt SamanthaMason: Random Engineer> Hey Wallace, can I use your computer for a second?
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~Yes, love?~
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Yeah go ahead...
Victor Andros: <<God, Glenn, not all guys are asshole porn freaks>>
Lt SamanthaMason: Random Engineer> Thanks d00d...
I JoeCastillo: ::Notices Josh's change of mood and drops the issue:: Oh ok.
Cpt Morrigan: <<Just the majority.>>
Victor Andros: +Cy+ How about 3forward?
Lt SamanthaMason: ((Andros... I am an asshole porn freak))
Lt Sara Crusher: ~You busy?~
LtJoshuaAsper: ::whispers:: I'll tell you about it later.
Cyanah Kaelyre
: +Andros+ Yes, Commander.
Cpt Morrigan: <<Well, maybe the later part.... but not the former.>>
Lt SamanthaMason: Random Engineer> ::touches the console and BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTT:: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Victor Andros: <<Oh, so Wallace is you>>
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~I'm about to take Ms. Morrigan to 3-Forward to meet the Commander.~
I JoeCastillo: ::Getting a systmes nominal respponse from the concole starts to leave:: Well then my diagnostic check is finished and i just needed to get out of the office for a lil bit, I'll see you tommorw morning for our workout.
Lt SamanthaMason: ((Yup...))
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::smiles at Cy::: Tell Sara she should join us.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: O-four hundred.
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::blinks at Mom in surprise::
HeatherMclouson: @::feels the fog lift slightly and realizes that she is now in a dark warehouse type building::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::sniffs:: Man are we having a barbeque down here?
Victor Andros: ::Walks to the TL::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::winks at Cyanah::::
Victor Andros: You have the bridge, Mr. Asper
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~Please join us!~
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> I didn't know the Captain was back already.
Lt SamanthaMason: Random Engineer> ::twitches:: help me...
Lt Sara Crusher: ::blinks:: ~Oh.. Sure.. I'll meet you there~
Victor Andros: ::Steps into the TL:: Deck three.
Cyanah Kaelyre: She'll meet us there. Let's go!
I JoeCastillo: ::Smiles:: Bright and early! ::Heads for the TL:: Deck 7
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Understood, Commander.
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::walks out with Mom::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::pats Cy's arm:::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::moves to the Center Chair::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> Hey d00d, check this out... she's got six of them... oh man...that's NOT EVEN RIGHT.
Lt SamanthaMason: Random Engineer> ::having a bit of a seizure on the floor::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::enters the TL:: Deck three.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::looking at people as she walks the corridors and smiles at them when they look at her oddly:::
I JoeCastillo: ::With a smile from ear to ear:: Did you enjoy your shoreleave Commander?
Victor Andros: <<i'm notquite sure yet...>>
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> And the transaction in Russia? That went over well?
Cpt Morrigan: <<A pirate!>>
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::currently on "C" -- moving through those words pretty fast...::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::walks into 3F and looks at the bartender:: Betazed whisky striaght up
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::exits the TL with her and moves toward the forward section of the saucer::
HeatherMclouson: @As well as the deal could've fortold. ::feels very much like she can't control herself::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::starting at the ceiling::
Lt SamanthaMason: ((staring even))
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> Excellent...
Lt Sara Crusher: and a mocha latte
Cpt Morrigan: <<I hate when the ceiling scares me!>>
Victor Andros: ::HugsJoe aroung the waist:: You mean you couldn't tell?
Victor Andros: <<around*>>
Lt SamanthaMason: ((I know... like yesterday the ceiling just fell on me! oh wait that never happened))
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::and they enter 3-Forward::
Cpt Morrigan: <<Ack! There it is again! Iw ish it would stop doing that!>>
Lt Sara Crusher: ::downs the drink and takes the coffee to a corner table::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::gets up::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::stops inside the doors as if reading the aura of the room and then heads to Sara:::
I JoeCastillo: :: Returning the embrace:: Just making sure. ::Leans in for a kiss::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::sitting in a dark corner of 3Forward...whispering words that start with "C"::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::follows::
Victor Andros: ::Lips part as he accepts the kiss::
HeatherMclouson: (oh god...okay...don't look up don't look up::looks up:: AH!!)
Cpt Morrigan: <<You guys aren't in a TL are you?!?>>
Victor Andros: <<::Whistles::>>
Victor Andros: ::TL stops::
I JoeCastillo: <<Yeah y?>>
Victor Andros: ::Doors open::
Cpt Morrigan: <<Just asking. :::innocent smile::::>>
Lt Sara Crusher: {Ok what's in the TL?}
Lt SamanthaMason: ((Does this mean we all get video copies of this later?))
Cyanah Kaelyre: <<I like the TLs on this ship.>>
Lt SamanthaMason: ((::still waiting for his Morrigan/Cyanah one 6-8 weeks my ass...:: ))
Cpt Morrigan: <<Videos and popcorn in my quarters later!>>
LtJoshuaAsper has left the room.
Victor Andros: <<Guess we scared him off>>
I JoeCastillo: ::Reluctantly lets go:: This is your stop. ::Frowns::
Victor Andros: Um.
Victor Andros: ::Steps out::
Victor Andros: see you later.
Victor Andros: ::Walks to Three-Forward::
Victor Andros: <m> God that was lame...
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Beanie! :::hugs Sara while she sits:::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::still looking at you know what!::
I JoeCastillo: Uh huh
Lt Sara Crusher: ::jumps::
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> The merchandise was slightly less than the quality we had bargained for.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::rolls off the chair and gets up, stumbles around before going back to engineering::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::pats her on the head::: Visiting the wee folk in you mind, Beanie?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::returns to engineering...finds...well Random Engineer twitching on the floor and Wallace...::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smiles at Sara:: Hey there.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks up and smiles:: Just thinking about things.. ::sees Cy and smiles brightly. Stands up and hugs her:: Hi there
I JoeCastillo: ::Tl closes again and descends to Deck7:: Well that was unexpected didn't think he'd try anything while we're on duty, boy is he pushy.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Oooh yeah now that's the one...
Cpt Morrigan: <<Woot! Andros is pushy!>>
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> What are you doing? ::mumbles:: and where is your other hand?
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::hugs her and sits down with her tea::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::looks around::: Where is he? Is he here yet?
Victor Andros: ::Walks into 3-Forward::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> D00D if we got our new Chief of Engineering and Wicca together this is exactly what it would look... ::turns around:: like... ::sees Samantha and screams like a girl::
Lt Sara Crusher: Now that's timming ::points to Vic::
Cpt Morrigan: <<ROFL!>>
LtJoshuaAsper has entered the room.
I JoeCastillo: ::TL Door Opens:: Oh well back to the boringness of this office i think D' Nalls leaves all the PADDs for me on purpose cause he knows i hate it.
LtJoshuaAsper: {{::kicks his computer::}}
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> :::looks towards the door::: Hmmmm..... he should eat more bananas.... the look on his face makes me think he is constipated.
LtJoshuaAsper: {{What I miss?}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::giggles quietly::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::sitting in the center chair reading over some PADDs::
Cpt Morrigan
: <<:::ducks in the event pieces fly off it::::>>
Victor Andros: ::Looks slightly flushed and walks over to Cy, etc.::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::speechless::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sinks lower int her chair::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> ::::puts out her hand::: Commander Antwerp, I presume.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::starting in somewhat disbelief:: S'up...?
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::bites her lip to keep from busting out laughing::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::staring::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::points to the screen:: That's... not you is it?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::bites her lower lip and puts her head on Cy's should trying not to laugh::
HeatherMclouson: @Well I don't negotiate on the quality.
Victor Andros: You're so funny sometimes. ::Breaks out into a grin and grabs her in a hug:: How have you been?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::staring::
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> You could've asked why at least.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::whistles innocently::
: @And save you some hassle? I think not.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps the PADD, switching to a new diagnostic spreadsheet::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> I...I mean if it is... you know, you look really great... but I mean, it's not like I couldn't see that for myself... ::falls silent::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::staring::
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> You have alot of nerve coming in here like this.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::laughs::: Fine, laddie.... nice to see you remember an old woman. :::looks at Cy and Sara::: Girls... that is what Rhiannon used to call him when she was home on break from the Academy....
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::mimics Rhi in a fit of anger::: An-TWERP this, An-Twerp that!
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> I mean...is it at least Wicca... I could see Wicca totally in something like this... I mean the way she acts... and waggles her ass... totally...she's, she's... definitely into this I bet...
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::finally laughs::
Victor Andros: You know, you know you don't need to be telling them that
Lt Sara Crusher: ::laughs::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::pokes Vic's stomach::: And it is about time you learned to eat.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::turns around and walks away::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Alright! It was good talking to you.
Victor Andros: ::stands up straighter:: I eat just fine, you know that.
Cpt Morrigan: <<I love Wallace... in a hateful kind of way.>>
HeatherMclouson: @I have nerve? You bothered to active the stupid thing in the first place. I would've had some fun time trying to explain why I had to beam back to Earth if the Ship hadn't been docked here.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Victor... sit. :::points to a chair:::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::slowly turns around and right-click, Save As "Samantha and Wicca Lesbian Foto.jpg"
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> ::::sits in a chair:::
Victor Andros: ::Sits::
HeatherMclouson: @And further more, you presume to use me without my knowledge. Now that was specifically excluded from the contract.
LtJoshuaAsper: Oh, they implemented a new shield frequency. ::nod and moves on::
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> Now.... can ye explain to me what you and this ship are doing here without my poor bairn aboard?
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::sips at her tea::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sits next to Cy looking oddly at Ms Morri and Andros.. wishs she had another drink::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::frowns sternly::::
Victor Andros: ::turns the chair around and sits in it backwards::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::enters her office, looking for that "cattle prod" Crusher was talking about::
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> Contract? We followed the contract. It's not our fault the messenger can't remember any bloody thing.
Victor Andros: I was "imprisoned"
HeatherMclouson: @This meeting is over.
Victor Andros: *That* was great fun.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::finds it, zaps something on her desk::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Victor... we are all imprisoned in these bodies that we get to borrow for a short time... but I sense that is not what you mean.
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> Oh no it's not.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::tosses the PADD into another chair::
Victor Andros
: No, I was locked in my guest quarters at DS9.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::watches a picture flies across the room and shatters, winces, turns down the electro-fryamacation dial::
HeatherMclouson: Blonde Haired Guy with a Patch over one eye> You take these things back over to Druzna and tell that blow hole that we want what we paid for.
HeatherMclouson: @::the fog fully came down again::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::zapping assorted things in her office with the toned down cattleprod::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::pats his hand::: Well, at least we are going back to get her.
Victor Andros: Then an admiral ordered this ship to earth
LtJoshuaAsper: ::looks around at the people working diligently and thinks:: I'm going to have a crew like this someday.
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> And these engaging young women.... who are so obviously devoted to my dear daughter....
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::wonders what the hell goatse.cx is. Clicks...:: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::jumps hearing the blood curdling cry from outside her office and zaps herself in the head BZZZZZTT:: ahhh!!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks up from her coffee::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smiles::
Victor Andros: He gave an ensign command and forced gave them orders to come to earth under radio silence
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Aye.... I did a reading on this Fatima..... His cards are dark and cloudy.... but I sense an end to his power.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> AHHH!!! ahhh!!! MY #%$&ing eyes!! ::falls over off the chair::
Victor Andros: that's good to hear
Lt Sara Crusher: (w) thank goodness
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::watching the room spin around, as her eyes are probably comically spinning around in her eye sockets as she shudders from the electroshock::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::crosses arms and looks at the stars::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Samantha> ::looks in a reflective surface to find her hair all... well messier than before::
LtJoshuaAsper: You know, I couldn't give blowing stuff up away in exchange for sitting in this chair all the time. ::smiles:: I'd rather have the power of a quantum torpedo.
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> So now that we have so many people here that have a vested interest in getting my Rhiannon back..... is there any plan?
HeatherMclouson: @::wakes up back on her bed in the Compound holding the stick she had electrocuted herself with::
HeatherMclouson: @Oh my head....
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::regains his "sensibility" sits up and right-click saves the picture into Janice's "THINGS TO DO" folder:: She'll never know what hit her...
HeatherMclouson: @::looks around:: No...not again....
Lt SamanthaMason: THINGS TO DO folder> ::is actually a shared folder across engineering::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks at Andros:: One that will get her back to Earth before that id,... before DS9s doctor treates her for a headache again
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::looking at the list of new things she has to do...::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::points to Sara and Cy:::: You two are some sort of trouble there... aye?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::twitches a little...wonders if she should also go to sickbay to check that one out:: What's this?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Oh, of course not. ::grins::
Lt Sara Crusher: Trouble? Me? Never :;smiles::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::screams looking at the picture Wallace put there:: OH GOOD LORD!!!!!!
HeatherMclouson: @::walks out of her room to the front desk:: Excuse me, did I leave my room in the past half hour or so?
Victor Andros: The plan is to walk into DS9 and I will confront the good Admiral Fatima. With a security contigent if neccessary.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Beaner....... I remember the wall that you could resist.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::turns around hearing the "Oh good lord":: Whoa...
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::opens up "Samantha and Wicca Lesbian Foto.jpg" again::
HeatherMclouson: Girl at Desk> ::looking at Heather like she's got three heads:: No ma'am.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::blinks.. goes to say something and stops::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::sighs:: Nope, command is not all it's cracked up to be. ::looks at the arm rest display:: Nope, nothing to blow up. ::frowns::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Janice> ::currently on "D"::
HeatherMclouson: @Okay, thank you. ::stomps her way out of the compound ::
HeatherMclouson: @::walks down the sidewalk trying to sort stuff out....again::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::leaves her office, shaking, to twitching and half-conscious Random Engineer:: You have engineering..I'm taking the rest of the day off... ::in a monotone voice::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::looks at Sara:::: Okay... while he is confronting the Dark Cloud.... I think the three of us should make a visit to Rhiannon's room.....
Lt SamanthaMason: Random Engineer> ::twitches in acknowledgement::
Lt Sara Crusher: We're not allowed
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Aye.... but we will me.
Cpt Morrigan: <<be>>
Lt Sara Crusher: They're not allowing her any contact with her crew
HeatherMclouson: Idiot on a bike> HEY!!! I"VE LOST CONTROL!!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::doesn't even glance over at Wallace, just leaves for 3-Forward::
Lt Sara Crusher: that's why I had to turn her case over to that skirt chaceing loser
HeatherMclouson: @::hears him too late and get slammed into::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::finds her way to 3Forward and sits at a table in a dark corner::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::smiles::: But if they don't know that ye be a part of the crew... can they deny the Priestesses of the Goddess entrance to provide spiritual comfort?
HeatherMclouson: @::opens her eyes again to find....suprise! change of scenery::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::brain is obviously ticking:::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::nods:: Interesting.
Victor Andros: ::nods:: Sounds good to me
Lt Sara Crusher: ::smiles:: I always looked cute in a cloak
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::stops midway through the "Do"s and looks up:: What're you doing here?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::whistling::
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> A few well placed tattoos.....
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::screams, jumping out of her chair, but also falling back out of her chair::
Lt Sara Crusher: tattoos?
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::jumps at the commotion::::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::screams too and huddles into the corner::
LtJoshuaAsper: Mr. Chaos, ETA until DS9? ::looks to the Ensign at helm::
Lt Sara Crusher
: Ah don't those hurt
Lt Sara Crusher: ::Is a big baby when it comes to pain::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::scurries under a table and hides::
Cyanah Kaelyre: I think they just use a minitransporter now and beam the ink under your skin.
Victor Andros: Chaos> ::taps on the console::
Victor Andros: Chaos> Five minutes, Lieutenant.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> They wouldn't be permanent, Beanie... your Granny would have my head if I scarred you.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Thank you, Ensign.
: +Andros+ Bridge to Commander Andros.
Cpt Morrigan
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::wonders if he should e-mail the picture to Wicca to get her to confirm that it's her::
HeatherMclouson: @::her head is throbbing but the fog is still there, keeping her from knowing what's going on::
Victor Andros: +Bridge+ Go ahead, Lieutenant
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::Looks at Samantha::: Is she okay?
LtJoshuaAsper: +Andros+ Five Minutes until we're at Deep Space Nine.
: Husky Voice> Close the link! She's communicating with someone else!!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::sitting under a table sobbing quietly::
Victor Andros: +Bridge+ On my way, Lieutenant
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::looks as if she wants to get up and offer comfort::: Poor wee thing... she seems troubled.
Lt Sara Crusher: Well she wasn't found of my belly button ring but she got over it.. ::smiles:: Hey wait how'd.. ::shakes her head:: I know I know.. In time
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::on "E" now and moving faster to "keep her sanity"::
LtJoshuaAsper: +Andros+ Understood.
Victor Andros
: Thank you for the time, ladies, but I must be going.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps the PADD again::
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> Twerp.... we shall meet again.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::chuckles::::
Victor Andros: Of course, Mrs. morrigan.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> And you owe me dinner.
Victor Andros: ::Walks back to the TL::
Victor Andros: ::Enters it::
Victor Andros: Deck1.
HeatherMclouson has left the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::will not longer be able to see Andros with out thinking Twerp::
LtJoshuaAsper: Ensign Chaos, please inform DS9 of our arrival and prepare to get acceptance for docking procedures.
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::ditto::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::sends off his e-mail to Wicca, to the tune of "yo, d00dette, wotz up, w3rd? is this you you are hot thx bye." ::
HeatherMclouson has entered the room.
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> ::::continues to stare at Samantha:::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::stands and approaches her table, peeking under it hesitantly:::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::snuggles into Cy and closes her eyes hoping to ease her headache::
Victor Andros: ::TL doors open::
Victor Andros: ::Walks out onto the bridge
Victor Andros: ::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::sniffing, sees "Mom":: ahhh!! ::tries to get away from under the table but just bonks her head into it:: owwwwwww!!!! ::moans in pain::
Victor Andros: ::Sits in the center::
HeatherMclouson: @::apparently that last fall forced open the forced link Sara had made with Heather, so Sara gets Heather's end of the weird conversation:: Waht are you doing to me?!
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::wraps herself around Sara::
Cpt Morrigan: Wicca> :::in her quarters and hears the message indicator on her console::::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::stands:: Commander.
Cpt Morrigan
: Mom> :::soothingly::: Now, now, lassie.... I mean ye no harm.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::smiles.. then opens one eye to see what's going on across the room::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::looking at "mom" with bleary eyes::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::on "F"::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> Ye look like ye either need a good night's rest or ye've drunk too much of the wee folks brew.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sighs:: Why do I get the feeling that I'm the only one not cluing in on what's going on with her, and me, and whatever else
LtJoshuaAsper: ::moves back to tactical::
: Husky Voice> I said close the link!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::staring at her, the words coming in seem jumbled but nods her head slowly::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::jumps::
Lt Sara Crusher: What the!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::hears Heather in her head::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::waiting on Wicca to answer...::
HeatherMclouson: @I don't have a link!!!
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> :::puts out a hand with slow movements::: Come on, Lassie... be a good girl and come out from under there.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::which would explain the headache:: Ah!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::slowly comes out from under the table::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::grabs her head::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps the console:: Orders, Commander?
Cpt Morrigan
: Wicca> :::casually opens the message and stares at it without blinking::::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Sara?
Victor Andros: When we get to DS9, have shields to full
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::uses AOL 8000.1 to send it, meaning the photo is embedded and pops right up!!::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::blinks:: Are you expecting resistance commander?
: Husky Voice> If you don't shut up the whole thing will be unveiled and that lousy little Admiral won't get what's coming to him! Now CLOSE THE LINK!!!!!!
Victor Andros: Ensign Chaos, do not dock, but stay close to the station
Victor Andros: No, but they might not like us being here
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps the console:: Shields up, sir.
Cpt Morrigan
: Wicca> :::mutters::: Asshole.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::can hear what the husky voice is saying::
Cpt Morrigan: Mom> That's a good girl.... come on.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Who are you? ::in a quiet voice::
Cyanah Kaelyre: What's the matter?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::head is pounding from it.. can't handle this kinda link::
HeatherMclouson: @I TOLD you.....
Lt SamanthaMason: ((Typical of DS9...))
Lt Sara Crusher: ::reaches out and grabs Cy's arm:: Heather.. I think.. ::screams from all the yelling::
HeatherMclouson: @ ::man comes up behind her and whacks the back of her head with a club, she's out and the link's closed::
Cpt Morrigan: Wicca> ::::deep in diabolical thought::::
Cpt Morrigan: <<OW!>>
Cpt Morrigan: END SIM
Cpt Morrigan: END SIM
Cpt Morrigan: END SIM
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::fantasizing...one hand on the console... though::
Victor Andros: ::blows into whistle;:
Cpt Morrigan: <<GROSS!>>
Victor Andros: Attention!
I JoeCastillo: ::AA::
Lt SamanthaMason: ::AA::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::AA::
HeatherMclouson: ::AA::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::already AA::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::@@::
: {{::falls off chair laughing at Mason::}}
Cpt Morrigan
: Ensign Mclouson! Front and Center!
HeatherMclouson: ::does so::
Cpt Morrigan: ::::appears on the scene in her hoverchair and staff of zapping::::
I JoeCastillo: ::Runs for a corner and hides::
HeatherMclouson: ::hopes that isn't real smoke she's smelling::
Cpt Morrigan: Ms Mclouson! You have been on this ship for how long??
HeatherMclouson: I think six months ma'am.
HeatherMclouson: Maybe less...
Cpt Morrigan: :::taps her staff on the floor impatiently::: And in those 6 months.... you have managed to provide endless sub-plots and scenarios, logs and characterizations that have been intriguing and creative.... is this TRUE!?!?
HeatherMclouson: Guilty as charged ma'am.
Lt Sara Crusher: (w) run for it.. I'll pull the batter's plug
Cpt Morrigan: I cannot have my Ensigns performing at such exceedingly highs levels!
Cpt Morrigan: This being the case....
HeatherMclouson: I'll strive to do worse then ::grins::
I JoeCastillo: ::Cannot contain himself and LOL::
Cpt Morrigan: I have NO choice but to elevate your rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade with the necessary upgrades to quarters assignment and payroll.
Victor Andros: ::Zaps Joe:: No laughing at attention!
HeatherMclouson has left the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::claps:: Congratulations!!
Cpt Morrigan: :::zaps Joe from the other side with her Staff of Zapping:::
Lt SamanthaMason: she left...
I JoeCastillo: <<doh it was supposed to be ooc>>
Cpt Morrigan: Eek! She ran off!
Lt Sara Crusher: I think she was floored
HeatherMclouson has entered the room.
I JoeCastillo: <<i really did laugh out loud>>
Cpt Morrigan: So shocked you fell out of the room?
Lt SamanthaMason: ::applauds Ms. Mclouson promotion::
HeatherMclouson: Uhm...yeah..that's it
Cpt Morrigan: Victor! Commence with the blood letting!
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::claps:: Congratulations, Heather!
HeatherMclouson: ::grins::
HeatherMclouson: Thank you.
Victor Andros: ::pips Heather::
Cpt Morrigan: Ummm... I mean... the pipping.
I JoeCastillo: ::Cheers and then backs away from the zappers::
Lt Sara Crusher: Congrastulations Heather
I JoeCastillo: <<someones getting piped?>>
LtJoshuaAsper: ::claps:: Congratulations Heather!
Cpt Morrigan
: Congratulations, Ltjg Heather Mclouson!
HeatherMclouson: ::nods:: Thanks
Cpt Morrigan: Fall back, Lieutenant.
HeatherMclouson: :-D
HeatherMclouson: ::does so::
Cpt Morrigan: Ensign Castillo..... assume the position!
Victor Andros: ::Grinz::
Cpt Morrigan: ::;taps the floor in front of her with her Staff of Zapping::::
Lt SamanthaMason: ::wonders what position that would be...::
I JoeCastillo: ::Sighs does so and wonders great what did i do now ::
Victor Andros: No, not *that* position!
Cpt Morrigan: :::snickers and mutters::: Cute butt.
Lt SamanthaMason: woah... ;-)
I JoeCastillo: <<Did everyone lose all decency after midnight est?>>
LtJoshuaAsper: LOL
Lt Sara Crusher
: {Never had it to start with}
Victor Andros: <<Actually, I think it happened about an hour and a half ago>>
Lt SamanthaMason: ((if you haven't noticed... I haven't had decency since we started))
Victor Andros: <------ noticed
Cpt Morrigan: Ensign Castillo! You have been working the security department as the acting Chief for quite some time now, yes?
I JoeCastillo: Yes m'am.
Cpt Morrigan: And in ALL this time... you failed to notice that the turbolifts are monitored with recorded video feeds?

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