[ussbanshee] Some Notes on Shogun Pilots

  • From: CptMorrigan@xxxxxxx
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  • Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 13:02:42 EDT


A few basic notes on the Shogun pilots.

Any and All crewmembers are encouraged to qualify to become a Shogun Pilot.  
In order to do this,  two logs will be required.  Scenarios for these 
*training missions* will follow in the near future.

The first log will be a basic log  designed to show that the pilot 
understands and is aware of his/her pilot equipment.  Choices will include a 
variety of emergency scenarios where the pilot will need to show his/her 
ability to survive, using the Pilot's Kit.

The second log will demonstrate the pilot's knowledge and understanding of 
the Shogun fighter itself.  Does the pilot have a firm grasp on the firepower 
available to them?  Does the pilot exhibit some reasonable idea of how the 
fighter is designed to manuever?

It is my intent to provide the scenarios and follow up with the Captain's 
qualifications logs shortly thereafter to give you a feel for what we're 
looking for.  More instructions will follow at that time.

All crewmembers who are interested in qualifying.... please shoot myself, the 
executive officer, and Lieutenant Hiddukel a note to let us how many to 

Pilot mailstring:

cptmorrigan@xxxxxxx, victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx, hiddukel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

We look forward to having an exceptionally prepared staff that will help to 
add even more excitement to an already exciting sim!!

The Captain

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