<Alcubierre> Bio, Lieutenant Adam Syed Isa, CEng, USS Alcubierre

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USS Alcubierre
Bio, Adam Syed Isa
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief  Engineer, USS Alcubierre
DOB: May 3, 1560
DOD: November 1, 1599
Height:  6' 1"
Weight: 175 lb.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin  complexion: Light brown
Parents: Cengis Syed Isa (father), Akasma Syed Isa  (mother)
Siblings: Mehmed Syed Isa, Suleiman Syed Isa (older brothers),  Fairuza Syed 
Isa (older sister), Berk Syed Isa, Candan Syed Isa (younger  brothers), Cari 
Syed Isa (younger sister)
Talents: Engineering and weapons  techniques
History: Born in Buda, in what is now Hungary, Adam Syed Isa was a  
descendant of the family which helped Sultan Mehmed II conquer the Straits of  
Bosporus and Dardanelles and thus extend the Ottoman Empire into Europe. The  
family worked together to help design and build bridges, weapons and other such 
items. All the men in the Isa family were skilled horsemen and warriors and  
commanded the respect of enemies such as the Poles and the Zaporozhie Cossacks  
alike. Although the Ottoman advance into Europe had been halted at the Battle 
of  Vienna, there were still plans to advance and expand during the late 
1500's and  one of the failed ventures that is seldom mentioned in the history 
books is the  advance on Galicia and Silesia. Adam had designed some special 
armor-piercing  weapons to use against the Polish army and on the evening of 
November 1, 1599,  the Ottoman force waited in ambush in the shadows of a 
just inside the  border of Lviv. Cengis Isa ordered the men to quietly mobilize 
as they heard the  approach of the Poles singing their chant, "Kayalay, 
kayalay, to hillamo" and  gave the order to attack. The battle raged for half 
hour and for a while the  Poles were losing. Unexpectedly reinforcements were 
called in and the Ottoman  advance turned into a bloody rout. Bodies of members 
of Adam's family and  friends lay strewn over the ground and he steeled 
himself for one last heroic  effort. He rode directly into the horde of the 
forces and then all went  black. Unexpectedly he woke up in most unfamiliar 
surroundings. He was informed  he was in what was called an oxygen chamber on a 
ship -- what ship? as  he did not hear the sound of oars -- called the 
Alcubierre. A nurse told him to  take things easy and when he was released he 
would be 
required to report for  duty as Chief Engineer. A day later, when he was 
cleared for release from what  was called Sickbay, he was handed a device 
called a 
PADD and as he turned a  corner down the corridor, he was amazed to see stars 
moving past out the window.  "Well," he mused quietly, "even Hetman Bulba 
would be impressed with me if he  were here." He quickened his pace and headed 
towards where he was instructed to  proceed.
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