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Dear TV Freelancers,
Hello again after much, much too long a silence. No, we haven't forgotten
you, but being quiet hasn't slowed down the numbers signing up to our
mailing list - almost 5,000 of you now - nor the use of the rates and
employer databases at www.tvfreelancers.org.uk. Please do get over there and
keep entering your information - we need your postings!
Anyway there have been one or two recent bits of news worth updating you
about - so here we go.
1. The 1st October was a big day, for lots of reasons; firstly, the new PACT
factual agreement with BECTU came into force - more on this in future
messages. This was one of the big promises made by PACT in the light of the
TV Wrap campaign. What we'd like to know is - is your employer using it? If
you're a freelancer working for a PACT member company on a factual
production, you ought to be employed under its terms. Email us your thoughts
at factual@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and let us know what's happening. If you
want to check the terms of the new agreement, get in touch with BECTU -
details here:
2. Holiday entitlement - this went UP on the 1st October from 20 to 24 days
a year. In case you've forgotten, this is the paid holiday time which you're
supposed to be able to either take during your contract, or receive payment
in lieu for at the end of a job, on top of your freelance rate... but which
many employers STILL persist in trying to deduct from your agreed rate.
Anyway, if that's what's happening, we still want to know about it - info on
the site. (And also, our nifty Excel tool, which does all the maths for you,
is fixed for the new entitlement, and downloadable from the site as above.
Just enter your contract length and rate, and it will work out how many days
of holiday you're due, and the different ways it might be worked out -
rightly or wrongly.)
3. National minimum wage - this also went up from the 1st October, so
low-paid runners and other entry level positions should again double check
by dividing their weekly pay by the number of actual hours they work. If
that works out at less than £5.52 an hour, your employer's breaking the law.
4. Our sister organisation, the Escape Route, is still busy helping
individuals move on into new areas with their careers. There's a 2-session
package currently running at a reduced price. More info at
www.tvescaperoute.co.uk .
5. Our databases are about to get a facelift. Due to new ownership, the
server space we currently use will no longer be available to us in the New
Year, and with the move to a new server we're hoping to seize the
opportunity for a revamp. Watch this space but please, please keep posting
your information up there. Remember it's all free, anonymous and of vital
use to other freelancers.
That's it for now. Hopefully more will follow in the not-too-distant future.
Keep us posted,
TV Freelancers

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