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Dear TV Freelancer,
Please spare us four mouse clicks for some valuable research.
Your response could really make a difference to a working practice which
affects us all. We're helping 'Broadcast' prepare an article on the
subject of the Working Time Regulations, specifically at this stage with
regard to holiday entitlement, and how the industry does (or doesn't)
respect this. This has become a sticky and irritating issue for many
We really need your help to get a rough impression of how the industry
currently handles this problem - but it's dead easy. Just follow this
link to a poll on our site, where you can tell us anonymously how the
holiday entitlement is handled on your current or most recent contract:
We have a lot of freelancers on this mailing list, and if every single
one of you takes 20 seconds to click through, we will have a very
representative sample - please, please help us achieve this research
goal. It's completely anonymous. And do forward the message to other
freelancers who may like to take part.
We'd also like you to email us with any specific experiences relating to
this subject. In particular, we want to know if holiday entitlement
policies are being dictated by individual indies, or by their
commissioning broadcasters. Production managers in particular may be
able to throw light on this. Name names if you like. All information
will be handled in the strictest confidence, and we won't repeat,
publish, or pass on to Broadcast anything you tell us without your
express permission. Hitting 'reply' to this email will get your response
straight back to us on this subject.
Thanks again for your help. Watch this space, and you'll find that a lot
of exciting things are currently happening in this field.
Very best wishes


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