[uae] Re: Optimization

  • From: Jens <der_nexus@xxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:53:43 +0200

It also runs faster on PPC Linux than it does on MacOS X.

This are good news, but I don't really want to change to linux at this time, I don't want to backup my 80gig (full with data!!) and from my FireWire HD I can't boot. But I have Gentoo and Yellow Dog.

Which linux do you use?

 I don't know why it
runs so slowly on OS X.

I think, it's the implementation of SDL on OS X. This SDL framework seems to be slow. not the emulator itself. MaxUAE gfx runs faster and the sound is a little bit better. I don't use MaxUAE because it have no REAL fullscreen, no SCSI and no BSDSocket support.

We would have merge your UAE with MaxUAE (the floppy GUI is a must have for UAE)

I haven't had time to fully investigate that yet.
It's not merely a matter of choosing the right optimization flags for the

I understand no word Rich ;o)

I agree that it should be possible to make UAE run faster on PPC hosts.

I hope for this :o)

I'm still busy with other things at the moment, but as from Tuesday I should
have more time to work on UAE again.

"Nr. 5 lifes!" ;o)

I hope, I get a new version before 05.05., I'm then 6 month not in germany, and can't go online :o(


greets Jens

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