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Work Opportunity:

Job Title:   Program Co-ordinator

Employer: Logan Environmental Consulting
        Mike Logan
        7 Farmer Court, Hamilton, Ontario
        L9C 5X9
        519.496.3504 (phone)
        905.388.3504 (fax)

Work location:    Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

Number of Positions available:    1

Dates:  1 May 2005 ? 7 September 2005

Application deadline:  15 February 2005
Please send an electronic copy of your resume along with covering letter and 
sample of your writing to mlogan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Academic disciplines:
?       Planning
?       Engineering
  o       Chemical (Environmental)
  o       Civil (Environmental)
  o       Geological (Environmental)
?       Science
  o       Biology
  o       Environmental Science
  o       Geology
?       Geography

Degree or level required:
?       Senior undergraduate
?       Master?s candidate
?       PhD candidate

?       Self-motivated
?       Excellent organizational skills
?       Excellent public speaker
?       Good technical writer
?       Good client-management skills
?       Creativity
?       Ability to work with people of all ages and interests
?       Interest in environmental protection, particularly water quality
?       Knowledge of and interest in Muskoka Lakes area

Job Description:

Logan Environmental is a small consulting firm interested in Community-based 
planning and ecological management.  The firm consists of one principal with 
several clients throughout Central Ontario.  The successful candidate will 
report directly to the principal of the firm but will be responsible for 
program coordination and client management independently.  The employee will 
also be expected to work from home without regular hours, but will often be 
expected to work weekends and evenings as required.

The successful candidate will be principally involved in coordinating 
community ecological monitoring programs.  The main project will be the 
Muskoka Lakes Association water quality initiative (http://www.mla.on.ca ? 
click on ?Water Quality?).  The candidate will also be involved similar 
smaller projects in the area.  This work involves liaising with community 
groups and local governments (elected officials and staff), managing large 
numbers of volunteers to collect water quality data, standard biological and 
physical analysis of the data, and application of the analysis to community 
interests.  The candidate may be required to present program findings at 
several public meetings, interview with local media, write journalistic 
articles etc.  

At the end of the summer, the candidate will be responsible for preparation of 
the scientific report detailing the summer?s findings.  Opportunity exists for 
independent study into results of the summer in the form of a fourth-year 
project or graduate level thesis.  

This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in entrepreneurial 
endeavours, and would complement previous experience in consulting and the 
public sector.  Please note that the successful candidate must have 
accommodation (with Internet access) on either Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau or 
Lake Joseph from May 1 through Labour Day and must have regular use of a boat 
capable of navigating these lakes (minimum 75hp) in their entirety during July 
and August.  Regular use of a car is also required.

For more information, contact TUGS: tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Visit the TUGS website: www.geog.utoronto.ca/info/tugs

Roza Tchoukaleyska

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