[tugs] The U of T Finance Association Presents the Portfolio Management Challenge

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The University of Toronto Finance Association (UFA) Presents the Portfolio 
Management Challenge

The world's financial markets have grown dramatically in size and complexity.  
Witness the escalation in transaction volumes, the proliferation of innovative 
new financial instruments, and the re-formulation of entire paradigms brought 
about by the profound impact of technology.  While these globalizing market 
developments promote efficiency, they also demand increasingly sophisticated 
and well-informed in-depth analysis.  To foster an environment where the 
theories and principles of the classroom can be applied to the systems and 
standards of the real world, the University of Toronto Finance Association will 
be holding the inaugural Portfolio Management Challenge (PMC) at the Rotman 
School of Management.
Through regular meetings from January to March 2002, this unique and dynamic 
new tournament will bring together the best and brightest students from a range 
of programs at U of T.  The PMC will integrate the discretionary management of 
an investment fund with the latest financial tools and technology available in 
the state-of-the-art Financial Research and Trading Lab 
(http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/finance/lab).  Using the real-time data feeds 
and applications available in the Lab, PMC Student Analysts will explore the 
fundamentals of constructing a diversified investment portfolio, the role of 
sector-specific valuation models in pricing securities, and the impact of risk 
management strategies on trading decisions.  Workshop seminars delivered by 
professionals from leading firms in the finance industry will bring to life key 
aspects of the capital markets.  The lessons learned in valuation, research 
methodology, and general quantitative analysis will be beneficial, regardless 
of eventual career path.  Finally, PMC Student Analysts are eligible to win 
cash prizes for superior performance:  $1,000 for the overall winner; $500 for 
second overall; and $100 for third overall.
By becoming a PMC Student Analyst, you can develop highly marketable financial 
and technical skills as well as gain practical and insightful knowledge on 
investing.  To apply, submit a cover letter and resume to 
finance.association@xxxxxxxxxxxx  The application deadline is Tuesday, January 
22.  In your cover letter, please be sure to provide evidence of the following:
* Experience with portfolio management, either through work and/or personal 
* Motivation, initiative, and leadership qualities
* Analytical skills and research acumen
* Enrolment in or completion of relevant industry courses
* Ability to multi-task responsibilities and to work effectively within a team 
* Presentation and communication skills
Please e-mail any questions you may have to Alan Han at alan.han@xxxxxxxxxxxx  
Space is limited, so apply today!
Alan Han
University of Toronto Finance Association


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