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Hi All,

I have attached the details of a job opening for a geology students. There have not been many applications, so please don't hesitate to apply.

For more information about current job opportunities for both summer and recent grad position, please visit the University of Toronto Career Website: http://www.careers.utoronto.ca/


Together with a geological assistant to be chosen as soon as possible, Professor W.M (Fried) Schwerdner expects to continue his field-based geological research in June and July, 2006. For further details about the mapping and research objectives, please consult the department website: www.geology.utoronto.ca/facultyresearch.htm.

The assistant will gain valuable practical experience in making geological observations in the field (Canadian Shield of Ontario), and learn about rock-sample collection, computer-based processing of structural measurements and the mkaing of detailed structural and lithological maps.

Fried invites informal application for a 2-month summer assistantship by undergraduate students of the physical sciences and engineering. The 2007 salary formula of the Ontario Geological Survey will be employed in determining the level of weekly pay. Main variables in that formula are 1) the assistant's year of undergraduate study and 2) the amount of prior experience in practical geology or geological and geomechanical engineering.

Please send inquiries and/or information applications, including a personal resume, to fried.schwerdtner@xxxxxxxxxxx no later than April 1, 2007. Applicants are expected to be good swimmers, and prior camping experience would be valuable.

Good luck in finding summer work,

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