[tor] Re: bug tracker

  • From: Moritz Bartl <moritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: torservers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 03:27:48 +0100


I agree that we need a bugtracker. Please, someone, feel free to play
around with bugtrackers and find something appropriate. Either install
on your own servers, or talk to me. It would be best to have
installation documented similar to my Tor exit setup [1].

But: The biggest organizational issue at the moment cannot be solved by
a bugtracker: You already can use the Wiki to organize pretty much any
task, "assign" and report on it, etc.
So, for now, I invite everyone again to use the Wiki instead of trying
to get a bugtracker running. I just put some more ideas into the TODO
list. Nobody ever added anything there. The Wiki really is meant to be
used as primary means to work on stuff. If you for example think the
"comments" plugin can help, I can quickly install it. Or any other
useful plugin. [3]

My requirements for a good bug tracker include the ability to handle
emails in different, possible closed groups (abuse complaints, support
inquiries, press inquiries, etc.).

The second biggest problem I see is that many of you seem to be
"frightened" to contribute because they don't think they can, or they
are not sure what is important.
Please, pick anything you like. The TODO list should be an idea pool for
such things, and I think there's something for everyone there - or just
start working on your own individual idea on what Torservers should do!
:-) It is YOU who decides on the priority of stuff on the list.

[1] https://www.torservers.net/wiki/setup/server
[2] https://www.torservers.net/wiki/todo
[3] http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugins

Moritz Bartl

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