[TN-Bird] Re: possible Greater black-backed gull, Blount County

  • From: Marcia Davis <tennwren@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 09:31:34 -0500

There was a large gull with all the Ring-billed Gulls earlier this morning on the rocks projecting out of the water shown in Warren's photos. The rocks are beyond the osprey nest platform in Ish Creek Bay before the Scenic Point gate. The gull is not there right now. The gulls usually stay here all day and leave in late afternoon. There are probably at least a thousand here this morning. It's normal to have this many gulls.

The gull looked to me like it is larger than a Herring Gull and it looked pale brownish compared to the very white and gray nearby Ring-billeds. But I could not identify it.

Marcia Davis
Louisville, TN

On 2/15/16 7:21 PM, (Redacted sender birdglass44 for DMARC) wrote:

This afternoon at the entrance to Scenic Point development I spotted a very large gull perched on the rock shoal about 1/4 mile out with a large number of Ring-billed gulls. The gull flew off the rocks and dived on another large gull that I believe is a Herring gull. The photos aren't the best taken 1200 mm with Canon SX50 on a misty afternoon. I believe this is an immature Great Black-backed gull but am open to other opinion. The third image shows the GBBG and Herring gull beyond the Ring-bills.
Warren Bielenberg

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