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I made the following observations of heronries in Lincoln and Marshall counties 
On Swan Creek near Taylor Town, hwy 64 west of Fayetteville: ten total 
nests.Seven birds visible on or near nests. This nest total is down by 1/2 from 
   On Swan Creek RD. 2.5 miles south of the Taylor Town site:nineteen total 
nest with birds visible in or near ten of the nests. This count is similar to 
numbers in previous three years.
  On Cane Creek at Petersburg Tn. : Eleven nests in two trees 100 yards apart. 
All the nest at this location were destroyed during this winter so all the 
construction is essentially new. I was unable to get an accurate count of birds 
here due to having to park on the highway (hwy 130) and due to the fact that 
vultures are using the same trees as a roost. There were 100+ vultures there at 
the time.
   Anyone who would like direction to these sites, feel free to contact me.  
  John Sanders, Petersburg TN.
  Marshall and Lincoln county
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