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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 13:28:27 -0700

July 27, several counties

Ensley, Memphis

About the same numbers and species of shorebirds as yesterday
Most interesting sighting - a duck that I am sure is a hybrid
It was with the Canada/WF Goose flock
Tan head, bill all black, shape and size of bill and head like Canvasback
Black smudge on the chest, body mostly off-white with some darker feathers in 
the tail and vent
Has anyone else seen it and/or have any thoughts re parentage???

President's Island

2 W Kingbirds  2459 Channel Avenue

Duck River NWR

Not one shorebird seen - even a Killdeer!!
Only waders were Great Egrets and GB Herons
Best habitat is in the pond at the end of Blue Goose Loop to the left with 
Cypress trees, opposite the sign "Secretive Marsh Birds"
Most unusual sighting - Mississippi Kite soaring over the trees near the river
Looked like an adult, farthest east observation for me


Terry Witt
Murfreesboro Tn 

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