[TN-Bird] Weekend feeder birds in Gibson County

  • From: Mark Greene <greenesnake@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 06:44:09 -0800 (PST)

Jan. 27-28, 2010
3 miles west of Trenton
Gibson County
In addition to the hordes of Blue Jays, Cardinals, White-throated Sparrows, 
White-crowned Sparrows, Juncos, Mourning Doves, etc. that were visiting the 
feeders we also had the following less frequent visitors:
Common Grackle, Red-winged Blackbird, Eastern Towhee (they visit sometimes 
anyway but they have been there constantly since the snow hit), Rusty 
Blackbird, and Brewer's Blackbird.
I have had Rusty Blackbirds twice in the past, both times were in the snow. I 
had Brewer's Blackbirds in the yard for the first time in a large flock of 
blackbirds last month but there were two visiting the feeders regularly on 
Saturday & Sunday.
On the topic of feeders - when we would go outside the birds would almost 
totally ignore us and continue to feed as long as we gave them about 30 feet of 
distance from the feeders. They kids were running around playing and not being 
quier at all and the birds kept right on stuffing themselves!
Good biriding,
Mark Greene
Trenton, TN
Gibson County

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