[TN-Bird] Warren and Dekalb County Birding

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Lake Karen McMinnville, Warren Co.
Student Home Rd, Smithville, and Floating Mill Rec Area Center Hill Lake  
DeKalb Co.
Arrived at Lake Karen this morning after work and watched the 2 resident  
Bald Eagles swoop and circle over the 90% frozen lake and chase the ducks 
away.  Sat for about 15 minutes while the ducks returned.
Ruddy Duck
Ring-necked Ducks
Horned Grebe
and Finally a male and female Common Merganser dropped in.
Loggerhead Shrike on Student Home Road in Smithville.
3 Common Mergansers and three Great Blue herons sitting on nest on the  
Island at Floating Mills.
Good birding
Stephen Zipperer
Rutherford Co

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