[TN-Bird] Trumpeter Swans (all 4 of them) still present

  • From: "Scott Somershoe" <Scott.Somershoe@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:25:24 -0600

On my way to NW TN, I swung through and easily found the Trumpeter Swan at 
Graham Lake about 11am on Thursday.  It was in the company of several Canada 
Geese and one Cackling Goose.

At Reelfoot Lake SP, I found 15 Ross's Geese in with a flock of 750 Snow Geese 
floating just offshore.

While birding the Phillipy Area around the Ibis Hole, I found the previously 
reported 3 Trumpeter Swans.  They were in a flooded area due west of the Ibis 
Hole.  They were there until late in the day and I suspect they may roost 
there.  They were only visible from the MS River levee (and the paved road just 
off the levee).  Many hundreds of northern pintail, a hundred or so Greater 
White-fronted Geese, and a nice variety of other waterfowl were present.   

My tally for the day was a surprising 5 species of geese and an astonishing 4 
Trumpeter Swans.  

I have posted some pictures from today that start here: 

I have also included several pictures of a Red-tailed Hawk that I think is a 
Krider's, but I have little experience with this variant.  I spotted it while 
driving on Hwy 412 near Halls.  It was so white it really stood out.  I looped 
back around a couple times and everytime I dared look at the bird it flew.  
Fortunately it circled overhead most of the time and eventually perched (at a 
distance) for some poor shots.  Any thoughts on ID are appreciated.  I have 
much to learn with these variants.

Great Birding!
Scott Somershoe

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