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December 4, 2005

Greene County--
Joachime Bible Refuge unit of Lick Creek Bottoms Wildlife Management 
Area (JBR) (along South Mohawk Road); Sapp Road; Green Road; various 
spots in Greeneville and near Tusculum

I recorded the following today, mostly in a three-hour period beginning 
just before dawn:

Snow Goose (2 Mohawk community--1 white phase adult, 1 blue phase adult);
Canada Goose (65);
Wood Duck (8 JBR);
Mallard (10);
Gadwall (2 Sapp Road);
Northern Harrier (2 JBR);
Red-tailed Hawk (3);
American Kestrel (8);
Northern Bobwhite (JBR);
Killdeer (9);
Wilson's Snipe;
Great Horned Owl (3--2 JBR, 1 Brown's Bridge Road (near Tusculum));
Northern Flicker (8);
Hairy Woodpecker;
Red-headed Woodpecker (2--1 Green Road, 1 Sapp Road);
Loggerhead Shrike (JBR);
White-breasted Nuthatch;
Winter Wren (JBR);
House Wren (JBR--only the second winter observation I have recorded in 
Greene County since 1994);
American Pipit (42+);
Yellow-rumped Warbler (14);
Savannah Sparrow (5);
Song Sparrow (63);
Swamp Sparrow (49);
White-throated Sparrow (19);
White-crowned Sparrow (32);
Eastern Meadowlark (21);
Rusty Blackbird (10+ Green Road);
Purple Finch (Sapp Road).

Don Miller
Greeneville, TN

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