[TN-Bird] Sightings Report 28 January 2007 Shelby Farms area, Shelby Cty, Memphis (Geese)

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 17:16:13 -0600

Sightings Report 28 January 2007 Shelby Farms area, Shelby Cty, Memphis
No actual count today, drove through the farms late this afternoon and took
a quick look. With all the banter about the geese going on I'd like to let
everyone know that the three main lake areas of Shelby farms had several
hundred Canadian Geese spread among them.

 Patriot Lake and the Bison Fields next door had several good size flocks,
also Am Coots. 

Pine Lake had almost 200 geese and some were of the smaller variety,
Gadwalls, Mallards, 3 Am Black Ducks, and a Kingfisher.

Beaver Lake at Shelter 4 also had a good amount of Geese- 100+, also
Gadwalls, Ringnecks and some Mallards.

And of course tens of thousands of Grackles, Starlings and Cowbirds and
whatever other blackbirds that fly with the flock looking for a evening

Shelby Farms is a good place as any to look at the different geese, and for
some of us, other types sometimes fly in and stay for the day.


Good Birding

John "Jay" Walko

Collierville, Tn


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