[TN-Bird] Shorebird Drain - Ensley

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  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 21:14:01 -0400

Aug. 31, 2007
Ensley Bottoms
Shelby Co, TN

The north winds have done a job on the Pectoral Sandpipers at the pits.?On 
short trip down this afternoon, I found 90% of the Pectoral Sandpipers had 
flown the coop, leaving a lot of Least Sandpipers but fewer Semipalmated and 
Western Sandpipers. The only "new" bird was a really cute first of season, 
immature Semipalmated Plover, all the adults from the past few trips were gone.

On TVA Lake, 2 immature and 3 adult Caspian Terns were taking turns hunting or 
at least the immatures following the adults around begging to be fed but not 
having much luck. There are more DC Cormorants to look through but no NEO.

Hopefully, these same north winds will drop some more birds to peruse the next 
couple of days.
Maybe when the wind changes it will blow in a Jabiru!!

Jeff R. Wilson
Ol'Coot / TLBA
Bartlett, TN
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