[TN-Bird] Results of Chattanooga CBC, Hamilton County, TN

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  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:12:20 -0500

Here are the preliminary results of the Chattanooga CBC held on December
17.  I have not gotten all of the data from all of the parties yet, but
have talked to most of them.  We had a great count with 101 species so
far (our goal is always 100).  I want to thank everyone who

Highlights included:

-          Immature male Baltimore Oriole- National Cemetary -
(Nashville CBC had one also).  I believe this is the first record since
the count was started on 1953.

-          American Bittern - Standifer Gap Marsh - I believe this is
only the second record for the count (first in 1983)

-          Sedge Wren - Brainerd Levee

-          Marsh Wren - Standifer Gap Marsh

-          Virginai Rail - Standifer Gap Marsh


The male Broad-tailed Hummingbird at Dan William's place on Signal
Mountain would have been in the count circle, but was not seen after
December 12.


Kevin Calhoon

Count Compilier

Chattanooga, TN


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