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Thanks for the interesting dissertations concerning the RT Hawk that I photographed and submitted.

Jesse Livingston,Troy, TN

On 12/3/2018 8:11 PM, Hal Mitchell wrote:
Hey Micheal and TNbird,

I agree the tail is a bit of an enigma on this individual but everything else (whitish throat, paler upper parts, and paler head) look like a more typical “eastern” type bird. If it does have a heavy belly-band I would be inclined to lean towards the “northern” type. The “northern” vs “eastern” topic is discussed in Brian Wheeler’s new raptor guides in great detail. I love looking at these winter red-tailed hawks and trying to figure out where they come from, but the more I look the more confused I become. I am beginning to suspect that the subspecies concept may not cleanly apply to these birds and a large “melting pot” in central Canada may be to blame for these strange looking birds.

What I find MOST fascinating about this bird is that it has apparent adult plumage but its iris are still light like most immature individuals. Here is an interesting article about the subject (https://hawkwatch.org/blog/item/1036-eye-color-note).

Hope all is well,

Hal Mitchell
Southaven, MS

On Dec 3, 2018, at 7:26 PM, Michael Todd <birder1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Great photo, that is an interesting bird in that most eastern Red-tailed don't show that banded tail type which is much more commonly seen in western races of Red-tailed Hawks. You don't happen to have any images of the front of the bird do you? That tail is also shown in the northern Red-tail which is a taxonomic nightmare right now as far whether it is a distinct subspecies or clinal variant of our typical eastern birds. Red-tailed Hawk variation is one my favorite aspects of winter birding here!

Michael Todd
Jackson, TN
On Sunday, November 25, 2018, 1:32:59 PM CST, Jesse <fernj1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here is a Red Tailed Hawk that I barely got a photo of before it flew. Nikon DSLR and 500 mm Nikkor Lens.
Jesse Livingston
498 N. Old Troy Rd
Troy TN
Obion County
                                       <RT Hawk.jpg>

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