[TN-Bird] Photos - Harris's and Nelson's Sparrow, Rutherford Co.

  • From: Scott Somershoe <ssomershoe@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 11:59:57 -0500

Thanks to Tony Lance for summing up the sparrow list from the Percy Priest
WMA Field Trial Area in Rutherford Co. from this morning!  Quite a nice
morning with a great group of folks and some really nice birds.

I definitely lucked out with finding the Nelson's. I was beside myself that
I actually found one and gotten some crummy ID shots.  Literally 3 seconds
after I called to the group about the Nelson's, Tony called out that he'd
spotted the Harris's.  Amazingly, after most of us saw the Harris's, I
refound the Nelson's and the entire group of 10 or so got a decent looks at
the bird!  It showed pretty well for a Nelson's!

If interested, a couple horrible shots of the Harris's and a couple decent
Nelson's Sparrow shots (and one Lincoln's) start here:

Great birding!
Scott Somershoe

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