[TN-Bird] Nesting Bald Eagles

  • From: "Steve Routledge" <eyerout@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 21:00:44 -0600

Stewart Co./ Henry Co.
This afternoon brought a misty rain and temps in the low 40's, but Cyndi and I 
ventured over to Cross Creeks, Ft. Donelson Battlefield and Paris Landing to 
see what might be cooking.  The good news is that the Bald Eagles that have had 
a nest within the battleground park are at it again. With very little effort, 
we were able to see one of the adults on the nest. According to the ranger, the 
adults started sitting on the nest two days ago. I believe this is the 5th or 
6th straight year they have occupied the same nest.

From the Cross Creeks observation deck we observed most of the anticipated fare 
including another mature Bald Eagle (possibly the mate to the one on the 
nest....not actually that far away "as the eagle flies"). Five sparrows in the 
immediate grass in front of the deck including swamp, song, white-throated, 
field, and house; Healthy populations of Canada Geese, Ring-billed Gulls, 
American Crows, Northern Pintails, Mallards, Coots, Gadwall and a handful of 
American Widgeons, Ruddy Ducks and even a few Canvasbacks along with Lesser 
Scaup. Also near the feeders were Red-bellied, Downy, and one Hairy Woodpecker 
along with American Goldfinches and a pair of Eastern bluebirds.

Paris Landing afforded us another very close look at a resting Bald Eagle. We 
also saw the "resident" Red-headed woodpecker, along with distant rafts of 
Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye and Bufflehead. Also, a pair of distant Common 
Loons, a few Horned Grebes and a pair of Pied-billed Grebes, some ruddy Ducks 
and some Ring-necked Ducks were scattered throughout the waters off the 
landing. The only gulls we were able to identify were Ring-billed. 

Always fun come rain or shine,

Steve & Cyndi Routledge
Clarksville-Montgomery County

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