[TN-Bird] NW TN; 9/9/2010

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  • Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 12:13:17 -0500

Dyer & Lake Co
I decided last minute to go up to Island 13 yesterday morning, after working 
all night. Not much on the way up, one little bar pit with some exposed mud in 
Dyer Co had a couple of Stilt Sandpipers as the highlight. Tennemo Levee Rd in 
Dyer Co gave me my first taste of fall passerine migration, with Blue-winged, 
Magnolia, Redstart and Philadelphia Vireo highlights among a little feeding 
flock. Near the River in Dyer Co, I also had a Merlin and a Peregrine.

Island 13 was better than I had hoped, looking very similar to last year in 
layout. It hasn't been out very long at all though with the very recent and 
drastic drop of the Mississippi, so not a lot of food available yet. Some very 
rough walking at times near the pool, with a lot of sand that is still wet and 
very soft. Not a lot of birds out there, but nice quality. There weren't 150 
shorebirds on the whole pool yesterday, and 100 of them were Least. But, a nice 
juvenile (unbanded) Piping Plover which is always nice. A single Sanderling, 
and a single Ruddy Turnstone came in with a small flight of Pectorals; they sat 
about 10 minutes and were gone again. The other highlight was the number of 
Baird's Sandpipers (all juv), at least 18. There was a group of 8 that stayed 
together, and a group of 6 that stayed together, hard to count though. At one 
time I had 15 in view walking around on the high, dry portion, and 3 others 
down near the water. Only other shorbirds were Killdeer, Spotted, a Semi 
Plover, and a few Semi Sands. No terns, gulls, ducks, etc.

After spending about 4 hours slogging around on Island 13, I was about spent. A 
quick look out from Tiptonville Landing produced only an adult Bald Eagle on 
the sandbar. Jolly's Landing is almost dry now. A dozen Wood Ducks took up most 
of the water. Otherwise, a few Semi and Western Sands to go along with all the 

I got some nice photos of the Piping and was able to wade up right on top of 
Baird's. I will post some photos shortly.

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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