[TN-Bird] Middle Point Landfill, Iceland Gull

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  • Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015 02:14:09 -0800

Middle Point Landfill just north of Murfreesboro, since its' opening, has 
hosted several thousand + gulls each winter who scavenge the garbage as it is 
added.  Most of them are adult Ring-billed Gulls, and there are always a 
scattering of Herring Gulls; first year birds are the most obvious.  These 
birds roost on J Percy Priest Reservoir and start arriving by 9AM and depart 
late afternoon.  There are generally no garbage drops on Sunday, and smaller 
numbers, or no birds will be present.  Overcast days are best for viewing, as 
there is usually quite a glare in bright sunshine.  The majority of the birds 
will be distant (3-400 yards?), identification views are generally the best one 
can hope for.  A spotting scope is essential.

The landfill is 3 miles north of town, and can be accessed from US 231, east on 
Jefferson Pike (Tn266), at a traffic light, and then in one mile, south on 
Landfill Road which leads to the county landfill.  The best viewing area is 
through the fence just past the crossroad.  Depending upon rainfall, expect to 
collect some mud or garbage on your vehicle.  It is possible to park on the 
shoulder and scope the birds from your car which can be helpful when it is 
cold, windy, raining, or all three!  This is all private property, and please 
yield right of way to the trucks that are around.

Kudos to Chloe and Nolan Walker for finding this bird and managing to get photos

Hope this is helpful

Terry Witt
Murfreesboro Tn   

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