[TN-Bird] Late May observations (Carter, Greene, Washington Co., TN)

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  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 21:03:22 -0400 (EDT)

May 18-31, 2012 

Carter County: Hampton Creek Cove State Natural Area (HCCSNA) and Roan Mountain 
(RM), visited during an annual pilgrimage 

Greene County: Greeneville, Tusculum, etc. 

Washington County: South Central and Lamar 

Pardon the very tardy post. I have been even busier than usual lately and am 
just now getting the chance to catch up. A few observations from the last two 
weeks of May, many recorded during incidental birding while en route to hither 
and yon: 

Carter Co. 
Mourning Dove (1, Carver's Gap (RM), May 26) [high-elevation observation] 
Alder Flycatcher (2 (1 Carver's Gap (RM), 1 HCCSNA), May 26) 
Least Flycatcher (8 (7 RM, 1 HCCSNA), May 26) 
Blue-winged Warbler / Golden-winged Warbler / hybrid (1, HCCSNA, May 26) [BWWA 
song heard many times; bird not seen clearly] 

Greene Co. 
Great Blue Heron (5-11 adults and 3 juveniles on 6 nests, Belle Arden Dr., May 
18-19, 25) 
Sharp-shinned Hawk (1, mouth of Holly Creek, May 26) 
Eastern Screech-Owl (1, Greeneville, May 25) 
Acadian Flycatcher (1, Greeneville (unusual location), May 18, 27) 
Swainson's Thrush (1, Greeneville, May 23) 
Kentucky Warbler (1, Greene Mountain Rd., May 28) 
Dickcissel (1, Birdwell Mill Rd., May 27) 

Washington Co. 
Willow Flycatcher (1, Thompson Ln., May 20, 26) 
Dickcissel (1, Thompson Ln., May 20) 
Bobolink (1 male, Charlie Carson Rd. 0.2 mi. west of Thompson Ln., May 26) 

Don Miller 
Greeneville, Greene Co., TN 

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