[TN-Bird] It is time for A Swift Night Out September 2009!

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For the  nineth year, the Driftwood Wildlife Association will be hosting:


As summer draws to a close and the swifts have  finished raising their 
young, these fascinating aerial acrobats begin to  congregate in communal 
prior to their migration in the fall. Some  roosts may consist of an 
extended family group of a half a dozen birds or  so, but the larger sites can 
host hundreds or even thousands of swifts! We  encourage you to involve your 
local Audubon chapters, bird clubs, scout  groups and neighbors in this 
exhilarating spectacle. 

Here is how  it works: Keep your eyes to the skies at dusk and watch for 
areas where  swifts are feeding. Look for a tall shaft, chimney or similar 
structure to  locate where Chimney Swifts (central to east coast) or Vaux's 
Swift  (Pacific coast) go to roost in your area.

On one night over the  weekend of September 11, 12, 13 observe the roost 
starting about 30  minutes before dusk and estimate the number of swifts that 
enter. When you  have your number, contact us with your results. That's all 
there is to  it!

Please pass this message along to any listserve or other groups  that you 
think might be interested.

We look forward to hearing from  you!

Best Regards,

Paul and Georgean Kyle

Driftwood  Wildlife Association
1206 West 38th, Suite 1105
Austin, TX  78705

Visit us at: 

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