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 TN birders,

Spent 8-10:30am today at Brainerd Levee(b) and Standifer Gap Marsh(s), after 
getting info from John Henderson regarding shorebird sightings from the levee 
the previous afternoon.

Complete list follows(composite of 48 species):

Canada goose-b,s
blue-winged teal-b-3m,f
great blue heron-b(2), s
great egret-b
red-shouldered hawk-b
Virginia rail-s(hrd)
spotted sandpiper-b
solitary sandpiper-b
lesser yellowlegs-b(10)
least sandpiper-b(3)
white-rumped sandpiper-b
Baird's sandpiper-b
pectoral sandpiper-b(4)
mourning dove-b,s
chimney swift-b,s
belted kingfisher-b
downy woodpecker-b(hrd)
Pileated woodpecker-b,s
eastern kingbird-b,s
blue jay-b
American crow-b
fish crow-s(hrd)
tree swallow-b-singleton
Northern rough-winged swallow-b,s
bank swallow-b-singleton
cliff swallow-b-singleton
bank swallow-b,s
Carolina wren-b
blue-gray gnatcatcher-b(hrd)
American robin-s
European starling-s
cedar waxwing-b
yellow warbler-b,s
prothonotary warbler-b(hrd)
Common yellowthroat-b,s-hrd both locations
savannah sparrow-b
song sparrow-s
northern cardinal-b,s
red-winged blackbird-b,s
eastern meadowlark-s
common grackle-b,s
orchard oriole-b,s
Baltimore oriole-b(2f)
American goldfinch-b,s
house sparrow-b

Interesting was the fact that all the shorebird species were seen between 
8-8:30 with Daniel Jacobson except the lesser yellowlegs.  When I cam back to 
behind Boyd-Buchanan school on the return trip, all the other shorebirds had 
left except the yellowlegs, and the great egret had shown up in the interval.  
Things are moving quickly, and I expect a different slate of birds to be there 
this evening.  Also, Dan and I had no luck with the phalarope that John had 
yesterday, felt most likely to be a Wilson's. 

My reason for going to SGM was the fact that Libby Wolfe had a yellow rail on 
the back road of the marsh a few days ago.  Right place at the right time, 
again.  Way to go Libby on a new state bird.  I had no luck with this one.

David Chaffin
Cleveland TN
Bradley Co


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