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I came upon this file when I was looking for something else. Thought you
might enjoy it, I got a chuckle.

Melinda Welton
Franklin, TN

Saturday, April 15, 2000
The challenge was to alter the name of a bird and suggest a corresponding
change in habitat, diet, song or behavior. The response was overwhelming,
and more will appear later.
The winner is Linda Robb of Toronto:
Cedar Faxwing: a highly evolved bird that employs telecommunications
instead of bird song.
Redheaded Hoodpecker: a hot-tempered bird known to attack automobiles
parked too close to its habitat.
Stuffed Grouse: elusive oven-ready game bird. (Robin Lovell, Toronto)
Pleated Woodpecker: a bird with uniquely folded feathers. (Anne Roney,
London, Ont.)
Vowl: a night hunter identified by its call of "AEIOU."
Purple Martian: bird with the longest migration route. (Al Wilkinson,
Northern Shriek: greets the northern dawn with a frenzied, but meaningless,
cry of alarm. (B. W. Jackson, Hamilton)
Evening Grosspeak: noctural bird indigenous to city parks. Song is a
series of loud, strident noises accompanied by rude language.
Chickapea: a small European migrant; feeds mainly on garbanzo beans.
(Sandra L. Jones, Vancouver, and Cathy Furgiuele, Toronto)
The Purple Flinch: a nervous and twitchy bird, easily startled.
The Black-Capped Chiclet: a small bird known for lengthy mastication of
its food. (Christine Dugdale, Lachine, Que.)
Hooded Mergangster: a duck that terrorizes other birds and steals their
Glossy Ibid: a long-legged wader, always seen in the same place.
Red-tailed Gawk: a large bird that sits in a tree and stares at the
landscape. (Geoffrey Pierpoint, King City, Ont.)
Baltimore Oreo: eats the middle of his food first. (Linda Lumsden,
Peterborough, Ont.)
Power Moa: a noisy bird that feeds on suburban lawns.
Storm Petrol: an oilbird (genus Hydrocarbonae) indigenous to Exxon
Provence. (Chris Doyle, Burke, Va.)
Either/or-iole: indecisive bird, afraid to take existential leap.
Toucam: has miniature camera in its bill for live Web casts. (Paul Kocak,
Syracuse, N.Y.)
Thumbingbird: has learned to alleviate the stress of lengthy migrations
by hitchhiking. (C. H. Vane-Hunt, Salt Spring Island, B.C.)
Long-Billed Curfew: a quiet bird, rarely seen after nightfall. (Jay Booker,
The Ring-Necked Pleasant: much nicer than others of its species. (S. J.
Hollenberg, Vancouver)
Hamming Pigeon: will imitate William Shatner for food. (G. Treflak, Sudbury)
Dennis Paulson, Director phone 253-879-3798
Slater Museum of Natural History fax 253-879-3352
University of Puget Sound e-mail dpaulson@xxxxxxx
Tacoma, WA 98416

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