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From:   Todd, Michael C.
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Subject:        Recent sightings

Ed Davis Fish Farm (Gibson Co)

Stopped by for a few minutes on way home from work. Found a big pond that looks 
like they are just bringing it down. Lots of shorebirds concentrated in end 
with the small area of flats, including:
2 Spotted Sandpipers
3 Solitary Sandpipers
17 Greater Yellowlegs
90 Lesser Yellowlegs
18 Least Sandpiper
48 Pectoral Sandpipers
1 Stilt Sandpiper

Will check this area again over the next few days, hopefully it will get better.

Chickasaw NWR, Great River Rd, Reelfoot area
(Dyer, and Lake Co)

I spent the morning wandering around Chickasaw NWR, and had good numbers of 
migrant passerines. Warblers were pretty well represented, with 16 species 
(counting Chat). Highlights were 20+ Nashvilles, a male Blackburnian, 
Orange-crowned, and finally Black-throated Green and and a boatload of American 
Redstarts; singing Blue-winged and Blackpoll stayed out of sight. A few Wood 
and Swainson's Thrushes were around as well as one singing Gray-cheeked, and 
Eastern Wood-Pewee's were quite vocal.

Indigo Buntings were literally everywhere, practically overnight. Rose-breasted 
Grosbeaks (all males), were common in groups of 2 or 3, same with both Orioles. 
Not much happening with shorebirds at Chickasaw, that I could tell, just a lot 
of Yellowlegs. While driving the Great River Rd north, I had my 1st Cattle 
Egret at the roadside. Water in the fields is funny this year, usually 
productive fields are either bone dry, or have a lot of water in them. Wet 
fields were predominantly weedy, but not much in the way of flats. The only 
decent habitat I saw was at Phillipy (Lake Co), and the smorgasborg at Long 
Point Unit, Kentucky (Fulton Co).

Only interesting shorebirds on the day were my 1st Semipalmated Sandpiper at 
Phillipy, two pairs of Black-necked Stilts in Lake Co, and a flock of 27 
Long-billed Dowitchers in Lake Co. Another Long-billed Dowitcher was at Long 
Point just north of the State Line. Long Point  had a lot of waders though, 
with lots of good habitat. I had 35+ Little Blue Herons and a dozen Snowy 
Egrets, in addition to the multitude of Great Egrets. I had my eye out for an 
Ibis, but looked to have been a day early. The Ibis Nancy reported could easily 
have been there, with lots of places for an Ibis to get lost in. Hopefully it 
hangs agound.

McKenzie area (Henry Co)

Got out this morning, and though migrant warblers weren't as numerous as I had 
hoped, had a good day. 21 species of warblers were seen or heard, counting 
Chat; mostly local breeders though. I started with singing Swainson's at two of 
my regular locations. Transient warblers were: Tennessee (numerous), 
Orange-crowned (can't remember having this scarce spring bird on consecutive 
days), Nashville (1), Chestnut-sided (1), Yellow-rumped, Palm, and Blackpoll 

Acadian Flycatcher was a year bird for me, with 3 different birds singing. A 
pair of Lark Sparrows are back at one of their traditional fields, making my 
1st of the spring.

Though it seems like I'm the only birder who's been out in west TN the last few 
days WITHOUT a major rarity, I have added about 30 new shots to my spring 2009 
gallery. The 1st new shot starts here: 
http://www.pbase.com/mctodd/image/111598872 , or the gallery is here: 
http://www.pbase.com/mctodd/spring_2009 (this gallery has two pages now). I 
sure wish that Swainson's Jeff found would hang around, maybe being a young 
bird it won't be in such a hurry to continue north. Can't wait to see what is 
coming our way next!

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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