[TN-Bird] Canada Geese Diving

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July 24, 2014
Montgomery County, TN
Yellow Creek/Highway 149

Personally I've never seen this behavior before, but after doing some quick 
research online it is apparently an uncommon occurrence. 
I was counting a flock of Canada Geese when I noticed one group of 5-6 
individuals started diving out in the middle of the channel. Their dives were 
not very "pretty" but they would stay down for roughly 5-10 seconds at a time. 
Some even acted like cormorants with their body partially submerged for a 
couple seconds. I never could tell if they were eating anything, but that was 
my first thought. I then wondered if it was a Molt issue or maybe they were 
just having fun! 

Birding...you never know what your going to see!

Stanley York
Palmyra/Montgomery County

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