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TN birders,
In addition to the 5 tundra swans, had these other birds today:

Gadwall-8 on pond immediately west of Walker Valley High School, and 8 at 
Candies Creek.
American Pipit-20 feeding on the grass by the sign at the entrance to the 
Cleveland Wastewater Treatment Facility on Old River Road, South Mouse Creek.
Eurasian Collared Dove-2 in the trees north of the parking lot, First Baptist 
Church, corner of Church and Central Streets, downtown Cleveland.
Great Horned Owl-heard but not seen on McBryant Road, Charleston, Wright Farm, 
in pine grove east of the road.
Brown-headed cowbird-seem to be scarce this year.? Heard one on Marina Drive 
near the B and B Marina, but no red-headed woodpeckers heard/seen at this 
location.? Also, had 6 males in a feed lot along Walker Valley Road.
Pine Siskin-2 at the feeder here at the house.

Also, yesterday, recorded Eurasian Collared Dove on Graham street several 
blocks from Girls Preparitory School, which was a new location for me, as our 
youngest daughter lives there.

David Chaffin
Cleveland TN
Bradley Co

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