[TN-Bird] Birding Appalachia group (clarification)

  • From: Josh Blackmon <bla4352@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 00:09:10 -0600

First off here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/birdingappalachia

I am here to clarify the blunder of a message that I sent out earlier inviting 
those who may be interested to join the recently set up Birding Appalachia 
Facebook group. In the earlier message I left out the link which was the whole 
point of sharing in the first place. So here is the deal.

I started this new Facebook group to serve birders in and around the 
Appalachian mountain range. I live in an area in far eastern Kentucky and close 
to Tennessee, West Virginia , and Virginia. Most of the state groups for 
birding (and even the listserv) were filled up with birding news that 
infrequently hit home for me in this mountainous corner of the state. A lot of 
the alerts were in for sightings hours away in completely different ecoregions 
than the type I live in. That is fine, it serves a purpose and I am in no way 
trying to replace those resources. I just thought that there may be others who 
(when disregarding borders) lived in and around the same types of mountainous 
areas as me but not necessarily in the same state. Yes it is a long way between 
the Smokies and the Adirondacks, but by looking at the Appalachains as a whole, 
we can see how birds are moving and interacting in the mountains throughout the 
seasons. This page aims to serve that concept and be a gathering place to share 
everything from backyard bird photos to large birding festivals as they pertain 
to the Appalachian mountains. 

Here is the official description I sent out earlier:

Birding Appalachia is a group focused on birding throughout the Appalachian 
mountains. With so many access points throughout the region, there is an 
opportunity to see the great species diversity along this ancient range. 
Whether you are sharing bird sightings from the Adirondacks, down the 
Appalachian Trail, in the Blue Ridge or Smokey mountains, your input is welcome 
here. Feel free chat, share photos, and use this page as a supplement to your 
state listserv or other online birding experience. Lets get out and do a bit of 
birding and showcase what this region has to offer!

So, if you are interested come check it out. If not that is fine too.

Joshua Blackmon

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