[TN-Bird] Bird- & flood-watching, upper Cumberland drainage, May 3

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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 09:35:38 -0700

Monday I played hookey from work to check out the flooding in the Cumberland 
River drainage and poke around the back roads of a part of the state I seldom 
visit. I also did a bit of out-the-car-window birding along the way in Jackson, 
Macon, and Smith counties, and here's my list of species:
Double-crested cormorant (immature)
Great blue heron
Turkey vulture
Am. crow
Blue jay
Wood thrush
Tree swallow
Cliff swallow
Barn swallow
Chimney swift
Great crested flycatcher
E. kingbird
Red-eyed vireo
Yellow-throated vireo
Warbling vireo
Northern parula
Yellow warbler
Common yellowthroat
Yellow-breasted chat
Black-throated green warbler
Prairie warbler
Cerulean warbler
Blue-winged warbler
Chestnut-sided warbler
E. meadowlark
Red-wing blackbird
Brown-headed cowbird
Blackbird sp.
N. cardinal
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