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2010 TOS Spring State Meeting
Knoxville, April 30 – May 2, 2010

The Knoxville chapter invites all state TOS members to the spring
meeting, to be held April 30 – May 2. Friday night registration,
Saturday afternoon meetings, and the Saturday banquet will be held at
the Knoxville Zoo, located off I-40 at Exit 392. Half-price tickets to
the zoo for Saturday afternoon are available by advance purchase only.

The conference hotel will be the Super-8 at Strawberry Plains (Exit
398). All field trips will leave from the hotel, which offers a free
continental breakfast and a Sunday brunch. A block of rooms is
reserved at a rate of $45.00 plus taxes per night, but the rooms are
only held until April 16, so make your reservations now at
865-524-0855. Mention TOS when calling.

Many other hotels are available at the Strawberry Plains exit: Quality
Inn (865-342-0003); Country Inns and Suites (865-546-5700); Ramada
(865-546-7271); Econolodge (865-932-1217); Fairfield Inn by Marriott
(865-971-4033); Motel 6 (865-633-6646); Best Western (865-246-1930);
and La Quinta (865-633-5100). This exit also has fast food restaurants
and casual dining.

We are excited to announce that the speaker for the Saturday banquet
will be Steve Hilty (http://www.ventbird.com/people/steve-hilty), tour
leader for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours and author of A Guide to the
Birds of Colombia and Birds of Venezuela. The menu for the banquet
includes chicken piccata, spinach lasagna, salad, and fresh fruit.

Field trips are still being finalized, but usually include Seven
Islands, Kyker Bottoms, Sharp’s Ridge, Cove Lake, and/or Cross
Mountain. We are still planning on at least one field trip to the
upper Smokies, despite the road closures this spring.

Send your registration to KTOS by April 15. For additional
information, contact Robin Barrow, braveladyrobin@xxxxxxxxxx

Name(s) ______________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________
TOS Chapter: _________________________
Are you an officer? Please specify ________________________

$______ for ____Registrations @ $10 each
$______ for ____Dinner Reservations @ $20 each
$______ for ____Saturday afternoon Zoo tickets @ $8.50 each

$______Total amount enclosed. Make Check payable to KTOS

Mail registration form and check to:    
Marie Oakes
18 Rockingham Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
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