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  • Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:29:01 -0500

The following is tentative agenda. Please let me know if there are any 
additions or corrections.  Sorry that the agenda did not "copy" well.
Virginia Reynolds
Memphis, TN
Shelby County

Tennesee Ornithological Society
Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting
April 30, 2005

Call to order and determination of quorum

Approval of minutes of 2004 Fall Meeting

Reports of Officers and Dirctors at Large
        Vice Presidents                 Allen Trently, Melinda Welton, Dick 
        Directors at large                      Stephan Tourledge, M.TN; Dee 
Eiklor, E.TN
        Secretary                               Donna Ward
        Treasurer                               Mac McWhirter
        Curator                         Chuck Nicholson
        Migrant Editor                  Chris Welsh
                Migrant on line
        Tennessee Warbler Editor                Theresa Graham
                Proposed Guidelines
Committee Reports
        Nominating Committee            Richard Connors
        Finance Committee                       Ron Hoff
                Dues structure
        Conservation Policy Committee   Melinda Welton                          
Research and Funding    Charlie Muise
        Distinguished Service Award             Jim Ferguson
           (To be announced at banquet)
        Collateral Materials                    Carolyn Bullock
        TN-Bird                         Wallace Coffey
Old Business                                    Fall Meeting - Greeneville

New Business                                    An Annotated Checklist of the 
Birds of TN
                                                by John C. Robinson up-date 
Proposal *

* The following is a copy of the email received on March 23, 2005 which 
has been forwarded to the Executive Committee for comment.

  President, Tennessee Ornithological Society
  4241 Waymar Drive, Memphis, TN 38117

  Dear Virginia Reynolds;

  By way of introduction, my name is John C. Robinson and I am the 
author of the Annotated Checklist of the Bird of Tennessee.  I am 
writing to you today to:

  a) get your personal response on a proposal I have for working with 
the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS); and
  b) to see if you would be willing to take this proposal in a revised 
format to the TOS as part of a fund-raising opportunity

  As you now know, I wrote the book on the birds of TN (the checklist).  
It was published in 1990 and is now about 15-16 years out of date.

  Also, since I left Tennessee, I have formed my own software company 
(established in 1994) that produces software products for birders.  The 
name of my company is On My Mountain, Inc.  Our North American Bird 
Reference Book instructional multimedia CD-ROM has already sold over 
95,000 copies worldwide and is still in high demand.  It features all 
922 bird species of North America, including songs, photographs, range 
maps, natural history accounts, quizzes, and Internet access.

  If there is an energetic member of the TOS who would be willing to 
take on revising the book and working with me on same, I propose the 

  a) I work with the identified individual to bring a revised edition of 
the Annotated Check-list of the Birds of Tennessee to market, thereby 
providing him/her with insights into the book publication business and 
allowing him/her to be identified as a co-author on the title of the 
  b) I will locate a publisher to publish the book, at an appropriate 
price point.
  c) TOS will have the opportunity to specify certain features it wishes 
to be included in the new book
  d) I would include a limited edition copy of my bird watching software 
FREE in the back of the book.  Purchasers of the book who wish to 
"unlock" the CD would send a check to do so to the TOS; TOS would 
deposit that check and forward the customer information to me along 
with an administrative payment; and I, in turn, would provide the 
access code for the customer.  The cost for unlocking the CD would be 
determined later, but would allow an opportunity for TOS to turn this 
into a significant fund-raiser while also allowing a nominal profit 
center for my corporation (On My Mountain, Inc.) as well.

  Before sharing this with other Board Members, please let me know what 
you personally think of this idea.  If you feel other Board Members and 
the TOS as a whole would be receptive to this idea, especially the 
fundraiser part of this proposal, then I can put together a more formal 
proposal for you to take before the Board.

  I look forward to hearing from you.


  - John

  /s/ John C. Robinson

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