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What do you mean by the IP Printing within 2k3?  Is it new to 2k3?  I just
spent a whole week in a class for 2k3 server and the teacher repeatedly told
me there was no difference in how the print server operates between 2k and
2k3.  I need to get money back if this is the case!  No seriously, what do
you mean by IP printing?  Just setting up the printer ports on the server as
standard TCP/IP ports?  That is what I am doing now.


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What I did Jon was create the same print shares and everything on the new
2k3 box.  I was initially going to set it all up to shut down the print
server and bring up the new one... but that was circumvented by a crash.  We
actually started using the IP Printing within 2k3, set up a quick and dirty
webpage on our Intranet that when a user clicked on it, it mapped them to
the new printer, seemlessly.  The IP Printing takes only a second to set up,
and there's a really good white paper on MS's site.


The only problem that we ran into is a) the print drivers don't work to map
them on NT4 Terminal Servers, and b) Some NT4 workstations wouldn't work
even with the NT4 printing enabled, requiring the installation of the
drivers on the client (this was for multipass canon's though).


Hope that helps you make your decision.







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Yeah the Citrix printing will be the easy part like you said, it is more the
700 client computers that I am concerned about that don't use Citrix.  

But as of now I am trying to decide one thing:  Do I do it like I described
by renaming the new print server to the old print server name, let's call
that the easy way.  Or do I use more of a longer phased approach, the hard
way, and have my helpdesk staff simply delete users printers from the old
server and readd off of the new server as the calls come in for other
problems over the next couple of months?  Which method would all of you guys
go with?






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I faced similar problem a few month ago with less number of printers. I
ended up importing the new printserver in the farm, move the
printer-assigning groups from printers on old printserver to a new
printserver (in CMC) and deleting old printserver from the farm. This should
work well for your Citrix printing (if you assign network printers through
AD goup membership). 


The driver issue I can see is this:


if you have workstation with old NT driver on and you have an app printing
to it then the document is first spooled by your local NT driver and then is
passed to the new W3K printserver with W3K driver for the final spool before
hitting the actual physical printer. Here you can possibly run into
formatting problems and bunch of similar issues much like to these of
printer driver mappings you do in Citrix when you map client's local printer
to a different driver on citrix.


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Hello, this isn't really a Citrix specific question but hey what the hell,
it's Friday...


We have an NT 4.0 print server with about 180 printers setup on HP JetDirect
ports on it for our network.  I have just recently built a new Win 2k3 print
server on a separate piece of hardware and set it up on the network with a
different name.  I then created all of the same ports and printers as TCP/IP
ports on the new server from scratch.  All ports map to the same IP
addresses and all printer names are identical on the two servers.  At this
point nobody has installed any printers from the new print server.  Here is
my question: if I just take the NT 4.0 print server off of the network,
rename the new Win2k3 print server to the name of the NT 4.0 print server
and reboot the server; will everyone that has network printers setup from
the old NT 4.0 print server have to reinstall their printer in order to
print or will they not have to and just be able to print immediately?  Has
anyone ever done something like this before?


Thanks for your help,





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