[THIN] Re: minor issue, but annoying

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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 12:16:44 -0500

Further to this.  You probably have an application on the workstation that is 
breaking the clipboard chain.  Media player 10 will do it, but there is a 
hotfix to fix that.  Google Earth is another that will break the chain.


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Subject: [THIN] Re: minor issue, but annoying

Hi Jason,

Have a look at CTX106226.

Good luck.

Steve Raffensberger
CSG Citrix Administrator
Sovereign Bank
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Jason Patten
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To: thin
Subject: [THIN] minor issue, but annoying

I have noticed that while we do have clipboard mapping turned on, it doesn't 
seem to carry over all the time.

If I am copying stuff from outside the session and pasting it within the 
session it seems to work fine UNTIL I copy and paste something from Inside the 
session to another point inside the same session.  After that anything I copy 
from outside teh session and paste into the session seems ignored and only the 
last thing copied Inside the session shows up.

Its probably addressed already but I havent found a "search friendly" way to 
describe the problem so I can track it down

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