[THIN] Win 2012 RDS - load balancing advise

  • From: Michael Leone <oozerdude@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ntsysadm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 15:22:43 -0500

4 servers, all Win 2012 (not R2)

I have 1 VM that is RDS Connection Broker, License Server, and Web
Access. There are 3 VMs as session hosts. I am using published
RemoteApps only, no full VDI. What I want to do is to enable load
balancing. I have been advised, a couple months back:

The RDS application servers will load balance themselves (using the
connection broker for load information). IIRC, it works thusly: You
create a DNS A record for each app server using the same name
(say,rds.yourcompany.com). You create a certificate with that name as
the subject, and install it on each app server. You tell the web
server to build the RDP files using that name as the host.

When your clients pull the RPD files down from the web server, they
launch the RDP client which resolves "rds.yourcompany.com" to a
random* application server. When the RDP client attempts to connect to
that server, that server asks the connection broker which is the least
loaded app server in the farm. The app server then "redirects" the RDP
client to the aforementioned least-loaded server.

So right now my CB has a domain wildcard certificate
(*.domain.local).So based on the above, do I need to:

- install that domain wildcard cert onto each Session Host

- right now, I have "rds.domain.local" as an alias (C Name) of my
CB/Web Access. I am unclear as to what changes I need to make to DNS.
I don't want 4 records all saying "rds.domain.local", right, because
the URL of the web server must be different from the session hosts.
The end users will be entering "https://rds.domain.local"; as the URL
they put into IE.

I'm confused; can anyone shine a light?

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