[THIN] Re: Weird: CMC Reporting Incorrect Idle Timeouts

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 23:08:48 -0700


Not sure if this impacts the timing metric, but are the clocks on the
servers synchronized??


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Hi -


We have 6 Metaframe XPe boxes running FR3 w/ sp4.  They are built with
win2k3 sp1.  On 3 of the servers, every once in a while if I look at a user
account in the CMC, it shows that they have been idle for way longer than
they really have.  For example, I will see a user as having an idle time of
2 + 2:31, when I know that this same morning I logged on and saw that nobody
had an idle time of longer than 2 hours total.  We have an idle timeout of 2


I am confused why the CMC would show me that these users have been idle for
say 2 or 3 days, when I know very well that is incorrect?


Any ideas?





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