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Be simple, get a copy of XPa eval licenses from your partner and setup the
new farm... until you're comfort with the new setup, bring down your XPs
farm and transfer the XPs licenses over to the new farm... OR unless you're
rich to buy the fresh XPa licenses...

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I am trying to plan a fast upgrade to XPA. I have something around a week to
get a full Citrix environment up and running.


My current Citrix farm is XPS with two servers and 20 users running FR1.  My
current Citrix environment is a real mess with some users even being
administrators on the server. No standards on either server with some apps
and databases on one server, other apps on the other and generally amazes me
that it works at all although it does not work well.



1) Provide NFuse access for all Citrix resources.

2) Provide load balancing between two servers.

3) Move database SQL off of Citrix server and have Citrix act as a client to
the backend SQL Server.

4) Provide locked down secure desktops (using AD) for out of office users.

5) Implement terminal services profiles (needed for load balancing). 



1) I have 3 new Dell servers ordered (Dell is not my choice). 2 x Windows
2000, and 1 x Web server with W2K3. All with specs for the job.

2) Going to purchase XPA upgrade. 


Rough Plan:

1) Build an entirely new XPA farm (nothing in the current farm is good) with
a single server to start with (document build process).

2) Load Windows 2000 and SP4, load XPA, load FR3, load all the latest
patches, load applications 

3) Using AD build locked down desktop, publish applications, test with test

4) Setup Webserver with NFuse, test that internal and external published
apps work as planned.

5) Test migrate a user from working Citrix environment and document process,
setting up ts profiles, check published apps, drive mappings, printer
mappings, GPOs etc. 

6) Correct any issues repeat process for all users, shutdown old Citrix



1) When I install the new XPA farm I won't have any licenses for the new
farm because they are still on the old farm? I need to keep my old farm
running until all users are on the new farm. Will Citrix share licenses with
a different farm...how do I handle this?

2) Will NFuse run ok on a standalone W2K3 webserver?

3) Am I missing anything in the plan? 


Any suggestions will be most helpful...as I have to get this right the first


Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA

Network Administrator


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