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  • Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 13:08:20 -0500

Cool...nice find Jim. Bravo. I knew deleting the file was the solution.

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Found this post on a google group . . . perhaps it may shed some light
on this.=20

The TsAllUsr.Dat controls the All User profile(profile directory
The unwanted entries in all-user-start-menu were most like put there but
application during there install. To clear out this mess go to
%systemroot%\Profiles\All User\Programs\Starup\ and delete all the

Also found this . . .which refrences a non-posted MS tech article on the
subject, it is for TSE but may also help in understanding what this file
is for.=20


For some strange reason, the desktop setings happen to be the same for
all users, so if one creates shortcuts, everyone who logs in afterwords
gets the  same bunch of shortcuts on the desktop.  Can anyone tell me the
for this?

I had the same error on my Terminalserver. The problem appeared after
installing SP5. I called microsoft support and they had a draft
knowledge base report. Here is the information I recieved:

Terminal Server - TsAllUsr.dat writing to all users area      [idea]
ID: Q240284    CREATED: 24-AUG-1999   MODIFIED: 10-NOV-1999

!!! CAUTION !!!
This is NOT A FINISHED ARTICLE! It is a rough draft idea for a KB
article, and as such, may not have been properly written, tech reviewed, or
edited. Please do not comment on this article in KBQuery.
keyword: KBIDEA terminalsvr
!!! CAUTION !!!

The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Windows NT Server version 4.0, Terminal Server Edition

A roaming profile is being copied into the all users directory on WTS.
This may occur with one or more users. When the effected user logs onto WTS
all of that user's roaming profile settings in winnt/profiles/%username% are
being copied into winnt/profiles/all users. When the user logs off all
personal settings are lost from roaming profile and the users personal
settings remain in
the all users directory. When other clients log into terminal server they
the effected user's personal settings in the all users portion of the start
menu, including trying to execute items in the effected user's startup

The problem is caused by the presence of a file called TsAllUsr.dat in
the usersprofile. This file specifies the contents of the all users section
in terminal server.

Removing the TsAllUsr.dat file from the profile and any cached copies of
the profile resolves the problem.

TsAllUsr.dat can be created in 2 ways. TsAllUsr.exe will create the file
for use in terminal server administration. This file and documentation,
TsAllUsr.txt, both ship with terminal server in a compressed state and
neither are uncompressed by default. Contents of TsAllusr.txt:
Syntax: c:\temp\tsallusr { /c } - Use with out parameter to capture a
snapshot of the Current User start menu. - Use with /c to copy any
changes from the snapshot to the All Users start menu. The TsAllUsr program
is a
temporary stand-alone application that contains functionality which will be
added to the
change user program. If you run TsAllUsr without any parameters, it will
take a
snapshot of the Current User's Start Menu. (This is saved in a file in the
%userprofile% directory.) Later, this functionality will be moved to "change
/install". Next, install the application. The application will
add/update the Current User's Start menu. After the installation has
completed, use "TsAllUsr
/c" to move new or updated Start menu shortcuts from the Current User Start
menu to the All Users start menu. TsAllUsr also adds read permission for
This functionality will be moved to "change user /execute".

The second way that TsAllUsr.dat appears to be created is that terminal
server tries to resolve the INF files listed in the
registry key. If this key doesnot exist or if terminl server is unable
to resolve the .INF file then it will create the TsAllUsr.dat file in the
profile of
the logged on user.

Additional query words: terminalsvr

Keywords          :
Version           : winnt:4.0
Platform          : winnt
Issue type        : kbprb

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I've seen this question pop up on very rare occasions but have found no
answers.  There is a question in the archives on it. Theories are that
it is
coming from a group policy someplace.  It appears deleting the file
the problem.

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Can anyone shed any light on the source or purpose of this file? It
shows up in various user profiles from time to time and seems to
cause some unexpected behaviours.

Citrix KB, MS KB both draw blanks. Google search sends me to what
looks like a japanese user's group page (probably some japanese admin
asking the same question as I am :)

Anyone? Bueller?


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