[THIN] THIN List may be Moving from Yahoogroups to Freelists.org

  • From: "Jim Kenzig http://thethin.net" <jimkenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 01:30:01 -0400

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Freelists PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT SPAM! Anyone found reporting it
as such will be banned from all of my lists.

If you are receiving this message it is because you are currently subscribed
as a member to MY THIN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list.

I am currently testing and seriously considering moving away from
Yahoogroups to FreeLists.org.
The list membership has been installed at Freelists.Org to test it out.

The number one good thing about the Freelists site is THERE ARE NO ADS!

If you want off of this list you can set your settings on the below page or
email admin@xxxxxxxxxxx:


EVERYONE will need to go to the above link and put their email address in to
access the web interface.
Freelist will send you a temp code to your email and a link where you can go
to set your password.  Once your password is set you will have full access
to the web interface to set your settings. It is not necessary to set up a
password in if you do not want to access the web interface.

The Only Caveat of FreeLists versus yahoogroups is that Freelist does not
have a nomail feature.  Instead we have set all of those who were on nomail
into what Freelists calls "Vacation" mode.  Vacation mode setting is set to
never expire than and must be turned off to by the user.  This is the same
setting as No Mail with yahoogroups.

Some of you may need to change your email server rules to allow messages
from Thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Those in Digest mode were migrated over into digest mode and should work

The webpage for this list on Freelists.org is at:

To send a message to the list it should be addressed to:


We will keep both list going for a bit and see how freelists works.  If it
works to our satisfaction we will turn off the list at Yahoogroups.

The web interface at freelist is great and offers Archives also. Archives
will show up at:


Please let me know immediately of any problems issues or concerns.

More below.

Jim Kenzig

FreeLists offers a TON of get commands to the list email address of

This is a quick reference of the Ecartis commands active locally.
These are in no particular order, and are generated from the local
parser command table.

          Syntax: authpwd <cookie>
          Authenticate a password change

          Syntax: password <password>
          Authenticates a user with the given password.

          Syntax: setpassword <newpassword>
          Allows a user to set or change their password.

          Syntax: predigest [<list>]
          Retrieves the current digest issue in whatever state it is
          currently in.

          Syntax: --
          RFC-defined message/signature divider, ends processing of

          Syntax: end
          Ends processing of list server commands

          Syntax: info [<list>]
              or: info (admin only)
          Retrieves the info for a list.

          Syntax: faq [<list>]
              or: faq (admin only)
          Retrieves the FAQ for a list.  Members only.

setrole (ADMIN)
          Syntax: setrole <address> <position> (admin only)
          Sets the position of a user for user tracking in 'review'

setname (ADMIN)
          Syntax: setname <address> <name> (admin only)
          Sets the name for a user for user tracking in 'review'

          Syntax: which
          Display lists to which you are subscribed

          Syntax: who [<list>]
          Display membership for a list

          Syntax: help
          Send user the helpfile

          Syntax: lists
          Send list of mailing lists available on this site.

          Syntax: commands
          Send list of available commands, providing a 'cheat sheet'
          for users.  This takes into account any local plugins.

          Syntax: flags
          Send list of available flags, providing a 'cheat sheet' for
          users.  This takes into account any local plugins.

          Syntax: files
          Send list of installed list config files.   Modules are not
          required to register a file in order to use it, so hidden
          config files might be present.

          Syntax: modules
          Send list of installed plugins.  Plugins are not required
          to list themselves in this registry, so hidden plugins may
          be present.

          Syntax: review [<list>]
          Displays current list statistics.

          Syntax: stats [<list>]
              or: stats [<address>] (admin only)
          Displays current account configuration and statistics.

tempban (ADMIN)
          Syntax: tempban <user> [<duration>] (admin only)
          Temporarily ban a user for a specified duration

          Syntax: vacation [<list>] [<duration>]
              or: vacation <user> [<duration>] (admin only)
          Set user on vacation for specified duration

          Syntax: setaddy <address>
          Reset address to same user on a sub-domain

          Syntax: leave [<list>] [<user>]
              or: leave <user> (admin only)
          Alias for unsubscribe.

          Syntax: join [<list>] [<user>]
              or: join <user> (admin only)
          Alias for subscribe

          Syntax: add [<list>] [<user>]
              or: add <user> (admin only)
          Alias for subscribe

          Syntax: remove [<list>] [<user>]
              or: remove <user> (admin only)
          Alias for unsubscribe.

          Syntax: signoff [<list>] [<user>]
              or: signoff <user> (admin only)
          Alias for unsubscribe.

          Syntax: del [<list>] [<user>]
              or: del <user> (admin only)
          Alias for unsubscribe.

          Syntax: submodes [<list>]
          Show the admin specified subscription modes.

          Syntax: submode <mode> [<list>] [<user>]
              or: submode <mode> <user> (admin only)
          Subscribe to a list in an admin specified mode

          Syntax: subscription [<list>] [<user>]
              or: subscription <user> (admin only)
          Alias for subscribe

          Syntax: subscribe [<list>] [<user>]
              or: subscribe <user> (admin only)
          Subscribe to a list

          Syntax: unsubscribe [<list>] [<user>]
              or: unsubscribe <user> (admin only)
          Unsubscribe from a list

          Syntax: appunsub <list> <address> <cookie>
          Confirm unsubscription from list

          Syntax: appsub <list> <address> <cookie>
          Confirm subscription to list.

          Syntax: set [<list>] <flag>
          Sets a user variable.

          Syntax: unset [<list>] <flag>
          Unsets a user variable.

admin2 (ADMIN)
          Syntax: admin2 <list> (admin only)
          Request administrator mode and fill out wrapper.

admin (ADMIN)
          Syntax: admin <list> (admin only)
          Request administrator mode.

adminvfy (ADMIN)
          Syntax: adminvfy <list> <cookie> (admin only)
          Begin administrator mode.

become (ADMIN)
          Syntax: become [<address>] (admin only)
          Becomes another user, or cancels a become.

setfor (ADMIN)
          Syntax: setfor <address> <flag> (admin only)
          Changes settings for another user.

unsetfor (ADMIN)
          Syntax: unsetfor <address> <flag> (admin only)
          Changes settings for another user.

getconf (ADMIN)
          Syntax: getconf <file> (admin only)
          Requests an admin configuration file.

putconf (ADMIN)
          Syntax: putconf <list> <cookie> (admin only)
          Replaces an admin configuration file.

adminend (ADMIN)
          Syntax: adminend (admin only)
          Marks end of admin mode.

          Syntax: get [<list>] <file>
          Retrieve a specific file.

          Syntax: index [<list>]
          List available files.

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