[THIN] Symantec WinFax outlook add-in errors in Terminal Services

  • From: "Tasita Ebacher" <tebacher@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 11:28:21 -0500

Environment: 2 Citrix servers in farm, about 15 users connecting using
roaming profiles. Outlook 2000 configured in IMO mode.

Problem: Microsoft's "Symantec winfax starter edition".  When a user logs
into Citrix1, they open Outlook 2000 and get the winfax starter edition
setup wizard asking for their name/phone/etc...  We aren't going to use
this, so I have the users cancel this and get into outlook.  They then get
the endless error loop described below.  The winfax add-in is disabled in
outlook.  If the user who was just in Citrix1 and canceled out of the winfax
setup logs out and logs back in (and happens to hit citrix1 again), they
will not have any problems.  They will NOT be prompted to setup the winfax
info and will NOT get the error loop.  If they log out and log back in, and
hit the Citrix2 server, they will again be prompted when opening outlook to
setup winfax again.  When they cancel, they get these errors:

Title: "Symantec Fax Starter Edition Port Starter"
Error: "Error return code from CreateNamedPipe = 231"

When you press OK here, this error pops up in its place:

Title: "The Fax Receiver failed to start"

There is no text in the error box, just an OK button.  When you press the OK
button, you get the namedpipe error again, and they cycle in an endless loop
until you log off.  If you log back in and hit Citrix1 again, they will
again be prompted to setup winfax and get the error loop again.

I have read that the WinFax add-in is not compatible with Terminal Services,
which is fine with me because I don't want it.  But, what is the best way to
get rid of it in a Terminal Services environment?

I read the MS KB Article 195600 about how to remove it and reinstall it, but
I'm wondering if this is compatible with Term Serv machines?  There are some
steps that don't seem possible (like deleting subkeys from hkey current
user, and deleting the "Symantec" account from outlook).

Anyone who has had to deal with this before have any tips?


Tasita Ebacher
702 Communications
Data Systems Engineer

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